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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (823 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Nights of Worship 3440 - What is the method of celebrating Shab e Mi'raj - شب معراج
Funeral Innovations 3230 -
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41423 - Zakat money given to him for the necessities of the hospital
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5795 - Sir I was unable to save my eyes - بد نظری
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45037 - Can I donate a refrigerator to a Deeni Madrasa as Zakat?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44875 - My mother has 6.5 tola of gold، Is Zakat obligatory upon her?
Ransom 45304 - She is not able to fast. Does she have to give the Fidya of Fasting
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45069 - What should I make my Nisab, And from which date should I check it?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45068 - All of the gold I got as my dowry is in the possession of my in-laws
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45319 - Can I give Zakat to my brother so that he can pay off his debt?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45050 - Can I take Zakat for liver and kidney transplant
Invalidators of Fasting 45275 - Does Ammonia Solution smell an unconscious person made invalidate the fast?
Supererogatory Acts 44717 - Here, the women gather together and perform Salat-ul-Tasbeeh
Invalidators of Fasting 45066 - to apply a hemorrhoids ointment inside of the anus while fasting
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45043 - one must give Zakat on gold based on the current market rate.
Rules of Namaz 25868 - Salah performed in a room where there are handicrafts of horses and angels
Compensation and Atonement 29913 - I started fasting when I was 32 years old. How will I make up for my missed fasts?
Rules for the Secrifice 29248 - is Qurbani incumbent upon one who has one Tola of Gold?
Rules for Ramadan 28824 - Is it permissible to open the canteen for drivers during the Ramadan?
Martyrdom 42697 - Which of the deceased has the status of a martyr?
Rules of Namaz 35673 - Fajar prayer is going on, should one perform the Sunnat Salah
Compensation and Atonement 34465 - I have broken many fasts of Ramadan
Virtuous Acts 33943 - I would like to take part in Jihad
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41451 - Help a student of madrasa by buying his books from our Zakat
Rules of Namaz 28836 - Can one perform Salah while wearing this T-shirt
Expenses of the Masjid 41179 - Can the building surrounding the Masjid be demolished
Rules of Namaz 29924 - Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper
Rules of Namaz 36419 - To pray Zuhr and Asr prayers together
Expenses of the Masjid 34064 - It is not permissible for the local members to eat or sleep in the Masjid
Potion and Spell 34257 - unemployed for the past three years. Please tell me any Wazifa
Rules of Namaz 37310 - Running while going for Salah, inside or outside of the Masjid
Rules of Namaz 26932 - Tablighi lecture is being delivered someone is performing Nalf
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35353 - The lunar calendar is used for checking the day in which Zakat
Invalidators of Fasting 40740 - Can one take a steam bath while fasting or not?
Rules for the Secrifice 34981 - To give the value of skin of the animal for Qurbani in Dam Fund
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 36007 - to delay the remaining of his zakat
Oaths and Vows 35943 - Is it more virtuous to give charity on Thursday?
Rules of Namaz 35577 - Is it allowed to combine Zuhr and Asr why one is traveling
Oaths and Vows 35748 - Is it more rewarding to give charity on Thursday
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34414 - Zakat on merchandise given on credit
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 35519 - shaving the head after the performance of Hajj and Umra
Leading the Prayer 35467 - someone is busy with Sunnat prayer when the Jamat prayer is about to begin
Voluntary Fasting 35546 - Fasting on the 9th and 10th of Muharram.
Potion and Spell 38456 - is it correct to say “یا مرید”?
Voluntary Fasting 35523 - Law for Nafl (obligatory) fasts on the day of Jumma
Virtuous Acts 35761 - Will one be rewarded for worship done without making intention
Rules for Umrah 35472 - Can one go for perform Umra with a business visa
Rules of Namaz 2602 - can u pray salat tasbeh some scholars says that it is not right
Rules for the Secrifice 35480 - Law regarding the sacrifice of the Nilgai, Deer and Stag for Qurbani
Aitekaf - Recluse 34469 - Our masjid placed a notice for those who wants to perform I’tikaaf
Rules of Namaz 39481 - someone leaves off the four Rakats Sunnat of Zuhr Salah
Potion and Spell 38555 - My sperm count is zero. Please tell me a Wazifa
Ransom 37519 - My grandparents are not able to fast so they want to pay Fidya
Leading the Prayer 39591 - Stand behind an Imam who has shaved his beard
Supererogatory Acts 37804 - My father 85 yrs old For 35 years regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafil
Tithes and Tributes 37348 - Ushr will be Wajib upon the owner of the land
Expenses of the Masjid 38774 - Things given for the Masjid considered as Waqf
Rules of Slaughter 28565 - Someone is hunting with a gun. When he fires he recites Takbeer
Virtuous Acts 32184 - Will one be rewarded for reading the Holy Quran on mobile phone
Leading the Prayer 29054 - Salah of those standing outside in the courtyard due to the door being closed
Tarawih Prayer 28664 - Taraweeh Salah in such a Masjid where payment is given for Taraweeh
Manners of the Masjid 29209 - A masjid built on land that was not made Waqf
Rules for the Secrifice 35155 - The Qurbani of a castrated animal
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 35430 - I study in Madrasa and I eat for free in the kitchen
Manners of the Masjid 35888 - Placing topi, romal and tasbeeh,in a spot in the Masjid
Rules of Namaz 40619 - the spread of Covid is possible if the worshipers stand together
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34685 - Zakat according to the Nisab of gold instead of the Nisab of silver
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 39673 - After donning the Ihram, He was stopped at the airport
The Jummah Prayer 39600 - 4 Rakats Sunnah before the Jumma Salah
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39581 - Can I give Zakaat to my maternal grandmother
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39460 - Giving the Zakat money for construction or administrative purposes
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 39458 - Can we transfer Zakat online to any charitable organization
Rules of Namaz 38873 - There are heaters placed in front of the masjid is copying the Jews
Potion and Spell 39443 - Tell me a Wazifa through which I may find employment
Tarawih Prayer 37510 - Women attending the Masjid for Tarawih Salah
Invalidators of Fasting 40385 - The fast will not be nullified by merely smelling Naswar
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 41853 - I deliver food by car. Is Zakat due on this car
The Jummah Prayer 41058 - Zuhr prayers performed at home on the day of Jumma
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 38607 - Zakat due upon the one who has given the debt?
Rules for the Secrifice 38066 - seven people must participate in the sacrifice for Qurbani
Supererogatory Acts 40899 - Difference between Tahajud and Qiyamul Layl
Conduction Reward 40315 - Sura-Al-Baqra is recited over the grave
Potion and Spell 41479 - I have been jobless for 9 months
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41401 - perform tasbeeh of istighfar
Rules for the Secrifice 34863 - can we weigh the animal of Qurbani and then purchase it
Rules for the Secrifice 41232 - Qurbani if an animal’s horn has been severed off from its root
Invalidators of Fasting 34499 - Merely smelling the medicine will not break the fast
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41253 - Can the money of Zakat be made Waqf
Rules of Namaz 40611 - The law for Namaz of one who is excused
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40434 - Zakat of the following years will also be paid
Rules for the Secrifice 41400 - If the swelling on the Qurbani animal’s neck
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40393 - Zakat on thing that currently not being utilized
Oaths and Vows 40356 - Kaffara for The oath taken by the questioner’s mother
Rules for the Secrifice 41100 - Can a sacrifice (Qurbani) be done one behalf of deceased persons
Tithes and Tributes 37698 - Take a portion of the cultivation in exchange for water from a tube well
Tithes and Tributes 35730 - How do you calculate the ‘Ushr
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35117 - I have a super store. Is Zakat due upon it
Potion and Spell 6914 - We are married and no children Please inform us of a Wazeefa
Conduction Reward 6724 - Is it possible to visit graveyard and do Fatiha Khwani without Wudhu
Potion and Spell 6445 - Who is the Sheikh should I contact in order to rectify myself
Funeral Innovations 6026 - please discribe about noha - نوحہ و ماتم
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 5227 - covenant between the mentor the spiritual teacher and people
Rules for Haj 3745 - plan for Hajj without permission from Saudi Government
The Eid Prayer 3643 - Performing Eid prayer in a school
Rules of Namaz 3636 - if Namaz could be completed while controlling urine
Fitra - Instinct 3631 - If we do not pay FITRA - فطرہ - is it Sin?
Tarawih Prayer 3616 - if women are allowed to pray 8 rakat of Traweeh.
Rules of Namaz 3604 - Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
Rules of Namaz 3583 - Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
Compensation and Atonement 3518 - Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
Nights of Worship 3490 - what is the reality of Shab-e-Barat - شب براءت
The Jummah Prayer 3480 - Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village
Voluntary Fasting 3479 - Can i keep fast for my death father?as a reward for him
Potion and Spell 3449 - Which would kindle love in heart towards performing Namaz
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 3417 - Quran Khawani for the sake of Eesal e Sawab - قرآن خوانی و ایصال ثواب
Leading the Prayer 3358 - Is it compulsory for women to go to Masjid and perform Namaz?
Conduction Reward 2986 - Passing PARA of QURAN to neighbors to read for someone - ایصال ثواب
Rules of Namaz 2797 - Perform Namaz in a Masjid built in a graveyard
Rules of Namaz 3135 - perform Nafl Namaz with Raising hands - رفع الیدین
Suicide 3076 - One who commits suicide be forgiven after death?
Funeral Innovations 3052 - Dua in front of the Janaza after performing Namaz e Janaza
Funeral Innovations 2742 - What is the status of Soyam and Chelum in Islam - سوئم اور چہلم
Potion and Spell 2301 - Wazifa for having Baby Boy
Nights of Worship 31562 - it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
Funeral Prayer 32010 - Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice