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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (1033 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Marriage 23310 - ؐMarrying the daughter of a retired person who worked in a bank
Marriage 41076 - Marrying wife's niece after her death
Marriage 37065 - legal requirement that I firstly seek the consent of my first wife
Marriage 44211 - Offering and acceptance of marriage through a phone call
Marriage 5839 - please tell me,is love affair allowed in our religion ISLAM?
Marriage 6255 - Can a SYED GIRL marry a NON SYED boy?
Marriage 6431 - having sexual relationship with slave girl
Marriage 7039 - Tradition prevailing in questioners family is against the Shari'a
Marriage 32920 - Will marriage be valid if someone gives false information
Marriage 33433 - Is it permissible to marry through a phone call?
Marriage 33262 - Is it permissible to marry Uncle’s wife
Marriage 26596 - Is it permissible to take a wage for reciting marital sermons
Marriage 39589 - Zaid is Fatima’s husband. Zaid’s father is getting married to Fatima’s mother
Marriage 29085 - Is it permissible for a man or a woman to marry a hermaphrodite
Marriage 39573 - My wife mistakenly called me "bhai"
Marriage 38440 - Said “God is my witness, you are my sister.” Now wants to marry me
Marriage 41521 - Registering one’s marriage necessary as per Shari’ah
Marriage 40664 - Bride’s father’s name wrong had no effect on the marriage
Marriage 38377 - According to Ahlus-Sunna, it is permissible to have only four wives
Marriage 3513 - Wazeefa for a girl’s wedding be taken place as early as possible.
Marriage 31996 - if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?