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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (1033 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Financing Schemes 37109 - Ruling on Telenor's S.I.M reactivation offer
Insurance 23486 - Ruling on medical insurance provided by company
Financing Schemes 36829 - Ruling on taking charges services provided on Easypaisa account
Network Marketing 5074 - Is Network Marketing Halal?
Financing Schemes 41472 - Investing with B4U
Financing Schemes 47117 - Ruling on future and spot trading in cryptocurrency
Information Technology 37700 - Ruling on working in the I.T department of a financial institution
Insurance 29613 - Ruling on Provident Fund and Insurance
Provident Fund 29265 - Zakat on amount deducted as Provident Fund
Credit Card 39561 - In general it is not permissible to use a credit card
Currency 34790 - Trading new notes, where the buyer gives, extra fall is this interest
Currency 34834 - Can I convert my money to USD
Information Technology 35073 - Creates a Video Game and makes money from it
Financing Schemes 35112 - We place tokens in some packs of chips
Network Marketing 6640 - to work with the Norway based company Gold Mine International?
Network Marketing 6641 - I would like to know about the network marketing.
Mobile Phone 7007 - Is it correct to use Naat as ringtone?
Insurance 37697 - What is the ruling regarding Kafala from Meezan Bank?
Insurance 29615 - to take only that amount from the insurance company
Insurance 29804 - in South Korea. Here health insurance in mandatory
Islamic Banking 38877 - The method of renting cars adopted in Islamic Banks
Financing Schemes 38521 - Kamyab Jawan Program Youth loan scheme
Information Technology 40286 - If as a freelancer, one does not do any kind of work that is unacceptable
Information Technology 37820 - Company is in Israel. Is working through this company permissible
Information Technology 34983 - Is it Halal to open a Zong franchise?
Information Technology 6667 - Is this Halal to use the software without purchasing it as in our country
Bank Jobs 5902 - working in a Credit Union verses a BANK
Bank Jobs 3854 - Is the bank job in standard chartered is Riba free or halal for me
Bank Jobs 3698 - I am a database administrator and i have a job offer n bank
Information Technology 32377 - Working through online websites such as Fiverr etc.