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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (1102 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Prayer Time 162 - Salath
Leading the Prayer 81 - Permissible and impermissible
Recitation 65340 - Rules of Salath
Rules of Namaz 48703 - Must one repeat his Namaz if he was not fully attentive in it?
Burial 60045 - Burial
Rules of Namaz 60046 - Congregational Prayer
Charity 67397 - Charity
Rules for Haj 67428 - Haj and Umrah
Rules of Namaz 33564 - Supplications for the believers in the last sitting of the prayer
59191 - Prayer
Rules for Ramadan 3896 - Using Snuff (Naswar) while Fasting
Fitra - Instinct 3631 - Ruling on Forgoing the Payment of Sadaqatul-Fitr
Rules of Namaz 3636 - Performing Namaz while Restraining the Need to Relieve Oneself
The Jummah Prayer 60736 - When does business transactions become unlawful on the day of Jumu'ah?
Rules of Namaz 40387 - To what extent should the hands be raised during Takbeer-e-Tahreema?
Rules for Ramadan 3624 - Sleeping with Wife while Fasting and Giving Zakat to Husband
Rules of Namaz 835 - Forgoing the Congregational Prayer due to Sickness
Leading the Prayer 821 - Ruling on Women Leading the Prayer
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 28923 - When should one pay Zakat if he forgets his Zakat date?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 30000 - Giving Charity to Seyeds
Rules for Umrah 29705 - Removing Ihram without Performing Umra
Tarawih Prayer 3616 - Is it allowed to perform less than 20 Raka'ats ofTaraweeh?
Nights of Worship 3490 - The Reality of Shabe-Bara'at
Oaths and Vows 3536 - Is there an expiation for falsely swearing while placing one's hand on the Holy Qur'an?
Voluntary Fasting 3479 - Fasting on Behalf of Deceased Parents
Rules of Namaz 3207 - Performing Salah Behind a Person Who Carries Kufriya Beliefs
Rules of Slaughter 3163 - Can money be given after the birth of a child instead of performing an Aqeeqa?
Rules of Namaz 3144 - Performing Congregational Salah in Office
Potion and Spell 3087 - Ruling on Using Amulets (Ta'weez)
Conduction Reward 2986 - Distributing Portions of the Qur'an to Neighbors to Recite on Behalf of Someone (Isal-e-Sawab)
Rules of Namaz 3058 - Ruling of the Salah of Woman in the Haram
Halal & Haram Foods 3057 - Partaking in the Food of the People of the Book
Rules of Namaz 3060 - Is it correct to perform Namaz wearing half sleeved undershirt?
Leading the Prayer 2913 - Ruling on Women Going to the Masjid to Perform Salah
Leading the Prayer 2905 - Performing Namaz Behind a Barelvi Imam
Supererogatory Acts 29047 - Isal-e-Sawab for Non-Mahram
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 28915 - Zakat on Articles of Trade
Rules of Slaughter 29025 - Performing Aqeeqa after the Birth of Youngest Son without Having Performed it for Older Sons
Prayer Time 2798 - At what time does the time of Ishraq commences?
Rules for the Secrifice 2795 - Nisab for Qurbani
Rules of Namaz 2747 - Method of Performing Missed Prayers
Rules of Namaz 893 - Method of Performing Missed Acts of Worship
Rules for the Secrifice 2692 - Ruling on Offering Qurbani in the Event of Lost, Injury or Death of the Sacrificial Animal
Rules of Namaz 2602 - Is it permissible to perform Salat-e-Tasbeeh?
Rules of Slaughter 2542 - The Parts of Animals that are Unlawful for Consumption
Rules of Namaz 2341 - Ruling on Collective Supplication after the Obligatory Prayer
Rules for the Secrifice 1521 - Performing Qurbani on Behalf of Family Members
Nights of Worship 1286 - The Significance of the 15th of Shaban
Potion and Spell 1039 - Using Ta'weez to Achieve Worldly Gains
Potion and Spell 3449 - Wazifa for Kindling in One's Heart the Love for Performing Salah
Oaths and Vows 29379 - Making an Oath to give a Percentage of One's Earnings in the Path of Allah
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 29009 - Giving Zakat to Someone in Debt
Rules for Ramadan 29045 - Delaying One's Intention to Fast
Rules of Slaughter 29352 - Ruling of the Slaughtering of a Sacrificial Animal Performed by a Woman
Rules for Ramadan 29414 - What is the ruling for the one who witnesses the moon of Ramadan or Shawwal alone?
Rules for the Secrifice 887 - Offering Qurbani on Behalf of Family Members
Rules of Namaz 860 - Ruling of Wearing a Cap (Topi) during Namaz
Funeral Innovations 3052 - Dua In Front of the Janaza After Performing Namaz-e-Janaza
Suicide 3076 - Will the one who committed suicide be forgiven after death?
Rules of Namaz 3135 - Doing Raf-Al-Yadain (Raising the Hands) in Optional Prayers
Rules of Namaz 3358 - Is it compulsory for women to go to the Masjid to perform Namaz?
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 3417 - Hosting a Quran Khawani for the Purpose of Isal-e-Sawab
Nights of Worship 3440 - What is the method of celebrating the night of the Mi'raj?
Funeral Innovations 3230 - Supplicating through the Intercession of a Pious Saint
Charity 28175 - Disclosing one's intention of charity
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40439 - Zakat on debts
Compensation and Atonement 6740 - Breaking the fast due to pregnancy
Rules for the Secrifice 23593 - Giving a portion of the meat of the sacrificial animal for family of the Mujahideen
Rules for Haj 26075 - Method of Haj-e-Badal
Conduction Reward 29538 - Reciting Quran at the head and foot of the grave after burial
Potion and Spell 29222 - Wazifa to end conflict between parents
Rules for Ramadan 29365 - Specific scenario about fasting
Burial 34618 - Will non-believing men fulfill the burial rights of their muslim sister?
Tarawih Prayer 31070 - Is it enough to perform only eight Raka'aats for Taraweeh? And can the Taraweeh prayer be performed in sets of four Raka'aats?
Sehr and Iftar 31042 - Unknowingly having Sehri after the time has ended
Expenses of the Masjid 32922 - Is the floor of the masjid alive?
Potion and Spell 32679 - Which action causes beauty on one's face?
Rules of Namaz 36876 - Omitting the recitation of Darood and Dua in the last sitting of prayer
Leading the Prayer 38848 - Can one who suffers from urinary incontinence lead the prayer?
Rules of Namaz 41178 - Can the one who trims his beard lead the prayer?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 28125 - Using the money of Zakat for public welfare purposes
Invalidators of Fasting 5285 - Do injections break the fast?
Invalidators of Fasting 5233 - Will a breastfeeding mother observe the fast?
Tarawih Prayer 5194 - Is it necessary to perform Taraweeh everyday in Ramadan?
Nights of Worship 6389 - Are the Virtues of Shab-e-Bara'at proven from Quran and Ahadith?
Nights of Worship 5079 - What us the status of Shab-e-Bara'at in Islam?
Rules for Ramadan 46133 - Beginning and ending the fast upon hearing the siren
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41376 - Ruling on supplicating after partaking in food prepared for Isal-e-Thawab for the deceased
Invalidators of Fasting 5376 - Can we use inhaler while fasting?
Invalidators of Fasting 5293 - Does Fasting become void if eye-drops are used in the eyes?
Invalidators of Fasting 5262 - Can I brush my teeth with toothpaste during Roza?
Aitekaf - Recluse 4433 - Is studying for exams allowed during aitikaaf? - اعتکاف
Rules for Ramadan 34522 - Sounding a siren to wake people up for Sehri
Rules for Umrah 27800 - Does performing Umra make Hajj compulsory?
Conduction Reward 37113 - Gathering funds to provide food for the family of the deceased
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 25533 - Can one give charity to his religious mentor (Ustadh/Sheikh)?
Supererogatory Acts 24281 - When is the time for Tahajjud?
Tithes and Tributes 34267 - Zakat on crops
Manners of the Masjid 34861 - Begging inside of the masjid
Rules for Umrah 26926 - Perfroming Tawaf on behalf of someone alive
Leading the Prayer 36501 - Performing the Sunnat of the Fajr Namaz after the obligatory prayer
Leading the Prayer 37182 - Status of the Namaz performed behind one who cleans the masjid
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 37978 - How can you know who is eligible for Zakat?
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 37614 - Ruling on reciting Joshen-e-Kabir
Manners of the Masjid 29301 - Can the top floor of the masjid be made into an Islamic library?
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 27750 - Who will be closer to the holy Prophet (S.A) on the Day of Judgement?
Tithes and Tributes 29591 - Will someone in debt pay Ushr?
The Jummah Prayer 29544 - Delaying the four Sunnats before the Jumu'ah Salah
The Eid Prayer 22457 - Performing the Eid Salah on the street
Oaths and Vows 28241 - Giving its cash value for the sake of Allah, instead of the actually thing upon which the oath was made
Qsr Prayer 20614 - Ruling on Qasr Salah while working on board a ship
Magic 23153 - Learning majic to defend Islam
Rules for Haj 23550 - Is one performing Hajj considered a Musafir or a Muqeem?
Rules for the Secrifice 23439 - How should the meat of the sacrifical animal be distributed?
Leading the Prayer 25463 - Performing the Sunnat of Fajr in the masjid after the Iqamat for the congregational prayer has been given
Tithes and Tributes 27791 - Ushr upon crops watered by a solar powered tube wheel
Prayer Time 29572 - Performing Asr Salah before its time (as per the Hanafi school of thought)
The Jummah Prayer 29535 - Performing the Jumma Salah twice in the same masjid
Rules for Haj 29416 - Performing Tawaf-e-Ziyarat after the 12th of Zul-Hijjah
Burial 29033 - Burying the Imam in the Masjid
Leading the Prayer 29330 - Muqtadi saying "Allahu-Akbar" for Ruku and Sujood
Qsr Prayer 37030 - Train-driver, worker, pilot and similarly those working on a ship, will shorten Salah during their travel
Amulets and Spiritual Process 44444 - Can Jinns enter the body of a human being?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 37006 - someone of the linage of the Holy Prophet to get treatment paid for from Baitul Maal fund
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40022 - is Zakat (Compulsory Charity) compulsory upon me?
Qsr Prayer 36682 - If the distance between the job and his home is at least 78km (شرعی مسافت)
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 40365 - Can Zaid’s sister-in-law receive Zakat
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44075 - Zakat on Provident Fund
Rules of Namaz 44172 - Offering Namaz while travelling on a plane
Prostration of Forgetfulness 44163 - Sitting in Tashahhud by mistake after the first Raka'at
Supererogatory Acts 43739 - Counting Tasbihaat with the left hand
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44922 - Is Zakat due on gold that has been pawned in a bank to take a loan?
Leading the Prayer 43796 - Joining Namaz of an Imam and a Muqtadi while they are in Tashahhud
Rules for the Secrifice 46519 - Ruling on performing Qurbani (i.e. the animal sacrifice) with an animal that appears older than its actual age.
Azan and Iqamah 46252 - Can a child give the Azan?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45203 - Giving Zakat to a Home for Mental Children
Compensation and Atonement 34465 - I have broken many fasts of Ramadan
Rules for the Secrifice 34863 - can we weigh the animal of Qurbani and then purchase it
Tawaf And Saae 4212 - The new Masaa was built towards the external side of Haram
Istikhara 4213 - Please help me to understand IStakhara - دعاء الاستخارہ
Potion and Spell 4233 - Wazeefa for government service
Rules for Umrah 4285 - Taking LOAN to go to perform Umrah
Rules for Umrah 4311 - I performed Umrah and not shaved my head
Rules for the Secrifice 4328 - Is it permissible or not to give cow in Qurban in India?
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4337 - we do Qur'an Khawani and serve meals like Biryani etc
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 4418 - performing tawaf and saee in umra - طواف و سعی
Istikhara 4409 - Is it permissible to get Isthikhara done through a Molvi Sahab?
Potion and Spell 4415 - wazifa for the progress of my new established business
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4520 - Is it Ja'iz to have the Qur'an Khanis of nowadays?
Nights of Worship 4895 - celebrate Mi'raj on the 27th night of Rajab and to keep fast on the day?
Potion and Spell 4935 - I am very very weak in morning prayer.
Leading the Prayer 4973 - doing Masah (wiping) over normal Nylon or Cotton socks
Istikhara 5168 - When one should seek for ISTAKHARA (استخارہ)
Aitekaf - Recluse 5198 - I wish to remain in I'thikaf during this Ramadhan.
Tarawih Prayer 5244 - Can Women pray Taraweeh in a mosque by JAMAT
Tarawih Prayer 5291 - Seeing the Qur'an Kareem while perform Namaz during taravih prayer
Sehr and Iftar 5292 - Till what time should Sehri (سحری کا وقت) be taken?
Aitekaf - Recluse 5295 - i want to know the sharee status of aitikaaf by women
Aitekaf - Recluse 5326 - housewife while she is in etikaf to make arrangements for Sehri
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 5344 - can we give Zakat to and to which relatives we cant give?
Rules of Namaz 5405 - Is it prohibited to crackle fingers while in Namaz?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5418 - whether Tha’weez is permissible for a worldly or any other purpose ?
Rules for the Secrifice 5467 - What is the Shar'i standard of doing Qurban in Eid ul Adh'ha?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5475 - I am under the influence of evil-eye
Potion and Spell 5518 - the basic Wazeefa for this is leaving sins and paying attention...
Rules for the Secrifice 5528 - buying of animals like goat, cow etc. by weight
Voluntary Fasting 5621 - What are the Sunnah in observing Nafil fasting?
Rules for the Secrifice 5633 - Is it compulsory on every person to do Qurbani?
Azan and Iqamah 5639 - About the SA'EE place which is newly expanded by Saudi govt,
Rules for Haj 5676 - Qurbani during Eid ul Adha is not only with the Haj Pilgrims
Rules for the Secrifice 5678 - use the milk of an animal which bought for the Qurbani?
Rules for Haj 5684 - Is it better to do Sadaqa or perform second Haj/Umrah (نفل حج)
Rules for the Secrifice 5687 - Qurbani of a bull who is 1 year 4 months but it's weighs about 550 ponds.
Potion and Spell 5696 - I have scars of wounds on my face.please inform me of a Wazeefa.
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 5714 - specify Niyyath (intention) at the time of giving any kind of Sadaqa.
Rules for the Secrifice 5747 - Skin of the Qurbani was given to build the library of the Masjid?
Rules of Jihad 5760 - to get the permission of parents to engage in Jihad fi Sabeelillah - الجہاد فی سبیل اللہ
Rules of Namaz 6378 - Till what time, the days Asar Namaz could be performed?
Potion and Spell 5865 - Wazifa so that I can get a beautiful and wonderful Wife
Tithes and Tributes 5908 - who will pay the Ushur of the land?
Rules of Namaz 5948 - Does Namaz become valid with half sleeved shirts?
Rules of Slaughter 5980 - If a Kafir slaughters after reciting Bismillah is it allowed to eat?
Potion and Spell 5983 - a Wazeefa which could be recitable daily
Azan and Iqamah 5998 - who does not have Shar'i beard use to give Azan and Iqamah
Manners of the Masjid 6012 - is it allowed to have tea in a restaurant that serves harm food also
Magic 6034 - Local Imam uses Jinns and also carries out black magic
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 6075 - If this Sadaqa is not of Wajib
Rules of Slaughter 6076 - Qurbani of animal who fed by hormone injections are Haram
Istikhara 6077 - the best and the Sunnath method of doing Isthikhara
Leading the Prayer 6085 - Imam finished 3 rakat for maghrib, and stood up for 4th by mistake
Rules of Namaz 6104 - whose Asar Namaz is due, gets the congregational Namaz of Maghrib,
Rules of Namaz 6123 - the way of performing Witr Namaz according to all four Imams.
Rules for Haj 6127 - go for Umrah with his wife, mother in law and the sister in law
The Jummah Prayer 6129 - How many Raka'aths are there in total in Jumma Namaz?
The Jummah Prayer 6131 - In the Masjid of the factory where I am employed, Jamath is conducted,
Voluntary Fasting 6141 - Sir, What is meant by ‘Shanba’ شنبہ کا روزہ
Rights Of the Masjid 6172 - Direction of the Qibla in Masjid is not proper will the Namaz be valid?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 6184 - How much Zakat do I have to pay on them?
Rules for the Secrifice 6205 - To do Qurban for wife
Rules for Haj 6188 - Haj performed in childhood at the age of 8 years validate the Farz
Potion and Spell 6225 - There is an evil thing which I am unable to control
Potion and Spell 6246 - there is an hour on Friday when all supplications are answered
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 6257 - can i do the second umrah to change my ahram on the aysha masjid
Potion and Spell 6267 - The Imam of the Masjid here prevented me from wearing Tha'weez
Potion and Spell 6295 - Please inform me of an easy but effective Wazifa for marriage
Leading the Prayer 6321 - if I join the Jamath while Imam Sahib has started the Sura e Fathiha
Rules of Namaz 6323 - Here in Ireland I can find two or three different timings of Salat
Rules of Namaz 6325 - The basis of Salath(نماز) , Saum(روزہ) is not the present day clock
Leading the Prayer 6341 - go to Masjid or perform Namaz in the office without any excuse?
Rules of Namaz 6391 - walking in front of a person who is performing Namaz
Magic 6402 - How can we do some thing if one is suffering from Black Magic
Rules for Haj 6420 - If parents can bear up by themselves all the expenses of Haj
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 6429 - Can I pay my ZAKAT in PMs special fund created to help displaced people
Rules of Namaz 6440 - Qadha Namaz - قضاء نماز - of an old aged lady?
Rules of Namaz 6462 - Please Send Me The Reference Of Hanfi Namaz
Virtuous Acts 6499 - Killing Gecko is not only permissible but also an act of getting reward?
Potion and Spell 6535 - Wazeefa for good and pious sons - وظیفہ برائے نیک اولاد
Prostration of Forgetfulness 6553 - it does not become sure whether I have performed 3 Rakat or 4
Rules of Namaz 6715 - pray asr at shafi time with them or shall we wait for hanafi time
Funeral Innovations 6597 - The method of sitting for paying condolence as mentioned is not correct,
Nights of Worship 6653 - What is the status of 15th night of Sha’ban شب برات in Islam?
Potion and Spell 6681 - Inquirer should try his best to control the anger.
Potion and Spell 6701 - I am married since 11 years and not yet blessed with children.
Compensation and Atonement 6714 - woman who feeding her child, whether she can skips her Roza During Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 6726 - cleaning pubic and arm-pit hair during Ramadan before the Sunset.
Conduction Reward 6763 - I need to know about giving the sawab of reciting quraan
Nights of Worship 6765 - reality of Shab e Barat last night it was celebrated all over the country
Nights of Worship 6788 - inform the virtues of Shab e Shab-e-barat in the light of Hadees or Sharia
Rules for Ramadan 6789 - The supplication for opening fasting
Nights of Worship 6814 - What is the difference between Shab e Bara'ath and Shab e Qadr?
Rules for Haj 6951 - Can my father perform Haj e Badal for my mother?
Rules of Namaz 6946 - A boy whose age is between 14 to 15 years stands to conduct Namaz
Invalidators of Fasting 7028 - can i use inhaler during the fasting in Ramadan.
Magic 6966 - Although the reflection of black magic is true
Invalidators of Fasting 7098 - If a patient due to his illness is unable to observe fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 6999 - sexual intercourse with wife while they are Fasting
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 7017 - tell me the shortest and authentic Dhrood Sharif to read daily
Invalidators of Fasting 7019 - please tell us abut naswar - نسوار - during ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 7023 - kissing & hugging your own wife while fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 7031 - test of sperms for purpose of fertility while fasting in Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 7041 - How is it to apply perfume while observing Fast?
Rules of Namaz 7060 - Pray salah without covering their heads
Leading the Prayer 7062 - Can women conduct their own Jamat within the house or in some halls?
Invalidators of Fasting 7069 - Fasting does not break by discharge of Mazi (pre-coitus discharge)
Tarawih Prayer 7109 - i want to ask that 6 days,10 days,15 days traweeh is correct or wrong?
Rules for Ramadan 7114 - please guide on the timing of iftar and saher during ramzan?
Tarawih Prayer 7160 - It is permissible and correct to perform 5 or 10 day Tharaweeh Salath.
Rules of Namaz 7162 - What is the correct way of raising the finger in Thashahhud - تشہد?
Potion and Spell 7163 - a Wazeefa which could make me interested in studies.
Potion and Spell 7164 - a Wazeefa by which the blood pressure becomes controlled
The Eid Prayer 7169 - How is it to do Musafaha and Muanaqa during the Eid day?
Potion and Spell 7175 - New born has got Jaundice and is at a high level, suggest some wazifa
Potion and Spell 7177 - reading certain types of Wazeefa after certain Salat
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 7182 - i read at your site that we need to pay zakat on 40th part of our wealth
Aitekaf - Recluse 7212 - Is Ramazam Taraweeh 8 or 20 Rakats?
Disliked Acts during Namaz 7229 - do perform their Namaz with risen voices which could be heard
Aitekaf - Recluse 7231 - what is the instruction for female for etkaaf - خواتین کااعتکاف
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 7282 - give Zakat to a person who has TV in his house
Tarawih Prayer 7283 - it is Sunnath to perform 20 Raka’aths of Tharaweeh
Rules for Ramadan 7312 - Breaking of Fast is connected with the Sun set.
Aitekaf - Recluse 7314 - to remain in Masjid with the intention of I'thikaf little before the sunset
Invalidators of Fasting 7321 - Does it nullifies it or Fasting remains intact?
Tarawih Prayer 7333 - Traweeh is Sunath e Muakkidah and it does not have Qadha
Fitra - Instinct 7337 - If Sadaqa e Fitr is given to any needy person as Gift
Manners of the Masjid 7349 - announcement within Masjid on lost articles is prohibited
Compensation and Atonement 9167 - if the Fasting missed by females
Rules for Ramadan 9299 - to observe Fasting and Eid etc. in accordance to Saudi Arab?
Invalidators of Fasting 9303 - Does Fasting become void by using eye-drops
Rules for Ramadan 9328 - started Roza in Saudi Arabia. will come to Pakistan on 30 Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 9491 - Ruling about masturbation during ramzan roza
Invalidators of Fasting 9500 - become a grave Sinner due to his evil act during Ramadhan
Rules for Ramadan 9504 - Is it possible for a person to annul Fasting after commencing
Aitekaf - Recluse 9593 - A Committee Room occupy for etikaf in masjid during Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 9637 - What is the ruling if a person masturbates while Fasting?
Invalidators of Fasting 9698 - Does Fasting becomes nullified by engaging in masturbation
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 9716 - For new house can we arrange Quran Khuwani at home?
Compensation and Atonement 10070 - Breaking Fasting of Qadha Ramadan
Rules for the Secrifice 10192 - Hadees which warns those who do not execute the act of Qurbani
Voluntary Fasting 10473 - i wanted to know the origin of fasting on Ashura - عاشوراء کا روزہ
Aitekaf - Recluse 10708 - Mihrab is a part of the Masjid, therefore, I’thikaf does not become void
Compensation and Atonement 10774 - no Kaffara (Expiation) for Fastings missed due to monthly periods
Invalidators of Fasting 12515 - injection during fasting
Rules for Ramadan 12718 - Fasting in a country where the Sun rises at 4 pm and sets at 7 pm
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41423 - Zakat money given to him for the necessities of the hospital
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5795 - Sir I was unable to save my eyes - بد نظری
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45037 - Can I donate a refrigerator to a Deeni Madrasa as Zakat?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44875 - My mother has 6.5 tola of gold، Is Zakat obligatory upon her?
Ransom 45304 - She is not able to fast. Does she have to give the Fidya of Fasting
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45069 - What should I make my Nisab, And from which date should I check it?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45068 - All of the gold I got as my dowry is in the possession of my in-laws
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45319 - Can I give Zakat to my brother so that he can pay off his debt?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45050 - Can I take Zakat for liver and kidney transplant
Invalidators of Fasting 45275 - Does Ammonia Solution smell an unconscious person made invalidate the fast?
Supererogatory Acts 44717 - Here, the women gather together and perform Salat-ul-Tasbeeh
Invalidators of Fasting 45066 - to apply a hemorrhoids ointment inside of the anus while fasting
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45043 - one must give Zakat on gold based on the current market rate.
Rules of Namaz 25868 - Salah performed in a room where there are handicrafts of horses and angels
Compensation and Atonement 29913 - I started fasting when I was 32 years old. How will I make up for my missed fasts?
Rules for the Secrifice 29248 - is Qurbani incumbent upon one who has one Tola of Gold?
Martyrdom 42697 - Which of the deceased has the status of a martyr?
Rules of Namaz 35673 - Fajar prayer is going on, should one perform the Sunnat Salah
Virtuous Acts 33943 - I would like to take part in Jihad
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41451 - Help a student of madrasa by buying his books from our Zakat
Rules of Namaz 28836 - Can one perform Salah while wearing this T-shirt
Rules of Namaz 29924 - Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper
Rules of Namaz 36419 - To pray Zuhr and Asr prayers together
Expenses of the Masjid 34064 - It is not permissible for the local members to eat or sleep in the Masjid
Potion and Spell 34257 - unemployed for the past three years. Please tell me any Wazifa
Rules of Namaz 37310 - Running while going for Salah, inside or outside of the Masjid
Rules of Namaz 26932 - Tablighi lecture is being delivered someone is performing Nalf
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35353 - The lunar calendar is used for checking the day in which Zakat
Invalidators of Fasting 40740 - Can one take a steam bath while fasting or not?
Rules for the Secrifice 34981 - To give the value of skin of the animal for Qurbani in Dam Fund
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 36007 - to delay the remaining of his zakat
Oaths and Vows 35943 - Is it more virtuous to give charity on Thursday?
Rules of Namaz 35577 - Is it allowed to combine Zuhr and Asr why one is traveling
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34414 - Zakat on merchandise given on credit
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 35519 - shaving the head after the performance of Hajj and Umra
Leading the Prayer 35467 - someone is busy with Sunnat prayer when the Jamat prayer is about to begin
Voluntary Fasting 35546 - Fasting on the 9th and 10th of Muharram.
Potion and Spell 38456 - is it correct to say “یا مرید”?
Voluntary Fasting 35523 - Law for Nafl (obligatory) fasts on the day of Jumma
Virtuous Acts 35761 - Will one be rewarded for worship done without making intention
Rules for Umrah 35472 - Can one go for perform Umra with a business visa
Rules for the Secrifice 35480 - Law regarding the sacrifice of the Nilgai, Deer and Stag for Qurbani
Aitekaf - Recluse 34469 - Our masjid placed a notice for those who wants to perform I’tikaaf
Rules of Namaz 39481 - someone leaves off the four Rakats Sunnat of Zuhr Salah
Potion and Spell 38555 - My sperm count is zero. Please tell me a Wazifa
Ransom 37519 - My grandparents are not able to fast so they want to pay Fidya
Leading the Prayer 39591 - Stand behind an Imam who has shaved his beard
Supererogatory Acts 37804 - My father 85 yrs old For 35 years regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafil
Tithes and Tributes 37348 - Ushr will be Wajib upon the owner of the land
Expenses of the Masjid 38774 - Things given for the Masjid considered as Waqf
Rules of Slaughter 28565 - Someone is hunting with a gun. When he fires he recites Takbeer
Virtuous Acts 32184 - Will one be rewarded for reading the Holy Quran on mobile phone
Leading the Prayer 29054 - Salah of those standing outside in the courtyard due to the door being closed
Tarawih Prayer 28664 - Taraweeh Salah in such a Masjid where payment is given for Taraweeh
Manners of the Masjid 29209 - A masjid built on land that was not made Waqf
Rules for the Secrifice 35155 - The Qurbani of a castrated animal
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 35430 - I study in Madrasa and I eat for free in the kitchen
Manners of the Masjid 35888 - Placing topi, romal and tasbeeh,in a spot in the Masjid
Rules of Namaz 40619 - the spread of Covid is possible if the worshipers stand together
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34685 - Zakat according to the Nisab of gold instead of the Nisab of silver
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 39673 - After donning the Ihram, He was stopped at the airport
The Jummah Prayer 39600 - 4 Rakats Sunnah before the Jumma Salah
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39581 - Can I give Zakaat to my maternal grandmother
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39460 - Giving the Zakat money for construction or administrative purposes
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 39458 - Can we transfer Zakat online to any charitable organization
Rules of Namaz 38873 - There are heaters placed in front of the masjid is copying the Jews
Potion and Spell 39443 - Tell me a Wazifa through which I may find employment
Tarawih Prayer 37510 - Women attending the Masjid for Tarawih Salah
Invalidators of Fasting 40385 - The fast will not be nullified by merely smelling Naswar
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 41853 - I deliver food by car. Is Zakat due on this car
The Jummah Prayer 41058 - Zuhr prayers performed at home on the day of Jumma
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 38607 - Zakat due upon the one who has given the debt?
Rules for the Secrifice 38066 - seven people must participate in the sacrifice for Qurbani
Supererogatory Acts 40899 - Difference between Tahajud and Qiyamul Layl
Conduction Reward 40315 - Sura-Al-Baqra is recited over the grave
Potion and Spell 41479 - I have been jobless for 9 months
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41401 - perform tasbeeh of istighfar
Invalidators of Fasting 34499 - Merely smelling the medicine will not break the fast
Rules of Namaz 40611 - The law for Namaz of one who is excused
Rules for the Secrifice 41400 - If the swelling on the Qurbani animal’s neck
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40393 - Zakat on thing that currently not being utilized
Oaths and Vows 40356 - Kaffara for The oath taken by the questioner’s mother
Rules for the Secrifice 41100 - Can a sacrifice (Qurbani) be done one behalf of deceased persons
Tithes and Tributes 37698 - Take a portion of the cultivation in exchange for water from a tube well
Tithes and Tributes 35730 - How do you calculate the ‘Ushr
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35117 - I have a super store. Is Zakat due upon it
Potion and Spell 6914 - We are married and no children Please inform us of a Wazeefa
Potion and Spell 6445 - Who is the Sheikh should I contact in order to rectify myself
Funeral Innovations 6026 - please discribe about noha - نوحہ و ماتم
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 5227 - covenant between the mentor the spiritual teacher and people
Rules for Haj 3745 - plan for Hajj without permission from Saudi Government
The Eid Prayer 3643 - Performing Eid prayer in a school
Rules of Namaz 3604 - Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
Rules of Namaz 3583 - Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
Compensation and Atonement 3518 - Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
The Jummah Prayer 3480 - Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village
Rules of Namaz 2797 - Perform Namaz in a Masjid built in a graveyard
Funeral Innovations 2742 - What is the status of Soyam and Chelum in Islam - سوئم اور چہلم
Nights of Worship 31562 - it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
Funeral Prayer 32010 - Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice