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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (837 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Istikhara 4213 - Please help me to understand IStakhara - دعاء الاستخارہ
Potion and Spell 4233 - Wazeefa for government service
Istikhara 4409 - Is it permissible to get Isthikhara done through a Molvi Sahab?
Potion and Spell 4415 - wazifa for the progress of my new established business
Potion and Spell 4935 - I am very very weak in morning prayer.
Istikhara 5168 - When one should seek for ISTAKHARA (استخارہ)
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5418 - whether Tha’weez is permissible for a worldly or any other purpose ?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5475 - I am under the influence of evil-eye
Potion and Spell 5518 - the basic Wazeefa for this is leaving sins and paying attention...
Potion and Spell 5696 - I have scars of wounds on my face.please inform me of a Wazeefa.
Potion and Spell 5865 - Wazifa so that I can get a beautiful and wonderful Wife
Potion and Spell 5983 - a Wazeefa which could be recitable daily
Magic 6034 - Local Imam uses Jinns and also carries out black magic
Istikhara 6077 - the best and the Sunnath method of doing Isthikhara
Potion and Spell 6225 - There is an evil thing which I am unable to control
Potion and Spell 6246 - there is an hour on Friday when all supplications are answered
Potion and Spell 6267 - The Imam of the Masjid here prevented me from wearing Tha'weez
Potion and Spell 6295 - Please inform me of an easy but effective Wazifa for marriage
Magic 6402 - How can we do some thing if one is suffering from Black Magic
Potion and Spell 6535 - Wazeefa for good and pious sons - وظیفہ برائے نیک اولاد
Potion and Spell 6681 - Inquirer should try his best to control the anger.
Potion and Spell 6701 - I am married since 11 years and not yet blessed with children.
Magic 6966 - Although the reflection of black magic is true
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 7017 - tell me the shortest and authentic Dhrood Sharif to read daily
Potion and Spell 7163 - a Wazeefa which could make me interested in studies.
Potion and Spell 7164 - a Wazeefa by which the blood pressure becomes controlled
Potion and Spell 7175 - New born has got Jaundice and is at a high level, suggest some wazifa
Potion and Spell 7177 - reading certain types of Wazeefa after certain Salat
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5795 - Sir I was unable to save my eyes - بد نظری
Potion and Spell 34257 - unemployed for the past three years. Please tell me any Wazifa
Potion and Spell 38456 - is it correct to say “یا مرید”?
Potion and Spell 38555 - My sperm count is zero. Please tell me a Wazifa
Potion and Spell 39443 - Tell me a Wazifa through which I may find employment
Potion and Spell 41479 - I have been jobless for 9 months
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41401 - perform tasbeeh of istighfar
Potion and Spell 6914 - We are married and no children Please inform us of a Wazeefa
Potion and Spell 6445 - Who is the Sheikh should I contact in order to rectify myself
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 5227 - covenant between the mentor the spiritual teacher and people
Potion and Spell 3449 - Which would kindle love in heart towards performing Namaz
Potion and Spell 2301 - Wazifa for having Baby Boy