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there is an hour on Friday when all supplications are answered


Salam. I read recently that there is an hour on Friday when all supplications are answered. I wanted to ask if this means that if you ask something for allah in this dunya for example to do well in all my exams that allah will grant my request in this life and that he will give me good grades it will be granted in this life. Does this also apply to asking Allah for things for the afterlife. I am also very scared of jinn and shaytan that I do not get up for fajr because of it. What can I do to prevent jinn from entering my house, and what can I do to protect myself from them to stop them harming me, or possessing me or entering my house. Thank you

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Yes. It means that, whatever supplication is made in the presence of Allah Tha'ala in that hour, whether for worldly purpose or for (Akhira) Hereafter,Allah fulfills his suppication. But at times, his supplication is stored as a treasure for his Aakhira.Therefore about a supplication if it is felt that it is not accepted, should not worry because it is quite possible that Allah Tha'ala would illuminate our life in the Hereafter in lieu of that, which is indeed a very great thing.

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