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reading certain types of Wazeefa after certain Salat


My question is that it is written in some books that reading certain types of Wazeefas after certain Salat would benefit in such and such away, or, to recited certain things after performing Nafl Salath in odd nights. Are these facts are established or should we just continue with our Nafl Salath?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Some of those Wazaaif which are followed by the Ulama of the Ummah and the elders of Deen are established through Ahadees and some are established through their practice and experience. As such, there is no harm as per the Shari'a to recite Wazaaif from a book written by an authentic (Alim e Deen) religious scholar. For further benefit refer HISN E HASEEN and MASNOON DUAEIN. In case of any confusion with regard to a particular Wazeefa, Shar'i ruling and explanation of same could be obtained by submitting it in detail. Whereas for the second question too, ruling of the Shari'a could be explained Insha Allah by re sending it with