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Local Imam uses Jinns and also carries out black magic


Assalamu alaikum mufti shahib, Could you please give a Fatwa urgently on this issue please. There are rumours that the Local Imam uses Jinns and also carries out black magic using a hindu priest with a another muslim brother. Both people are carrying this out against a Masjid committee member who they would like to remove from the Masjid. This person is doing fisibilillah and making changes to the Masjid and this makes it difficult for the imam to carry out his mischevious activities such as not declaring all madrassa money collected etc... Could you please advice whether black magic is allowed in sharia, is prayers behind him valid?, how can the committee remove him?, there is one witness who says that the imam told him that he has a jinn with him and can help him in marriage. The imam visited his wife when she was alone and disclosed what her estranged husband told the imam to her. He also offered to marry her if she divorce her husband. Could you please answer the questions below as a matter of urgency..Jazakamullah khairun. 1) Is using hindu priest/doing magic on a muslim brother makes one non-believer? 2) Is prayers behind him valid? 3) How do you remove such an imam?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that according to Shari'a it is impermissible, Haram and a Major Sin for a person to learn, teach or take somebody under his control by black magic. It is essential to refrain from it and one should repent sincerely for what is already done and make Thowba and Isthighfar and he should also compensate for the casualties and repay the monetary losses caused by him. Further, approaching a person with this intention would necessitate (to be guilty of) Kufr. Therefore if your concerned Imam Sahib has infact perpetrated such acts as mentioned in the question, then, even if he is not liable to be guilty of Kufr, yet it is indeed a very grave offence, based on which, it becomes Makrooh e Thahreemi to follow him in Salath until he decides to isolate himself from this impermissible activities and declares the nullity of it. Also it is not permissible to appoint such a person as Imam with one's discretion. Iit is incumbant upon the management committee to explain him so that he may ponder in following the life pattern of the Ulema and the Sulaha (learned elders and the pious people) and an important Ibadath like Salath be performed behind him without any detest. In the event of his refusal to desist, he should be dismissed from the post of Imam and a pious god-fearing person be appointed.