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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (837 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4337 - we do Qur'an Khawani and serve meals like Biryani etc
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4520 - Is it Ja'iz to have the Qur'an Khanis of nowadays?
Nights of Worship 4895 - celebrate Mi'raj on the 27th night of Rajab and to keep fast on the day?
Nights of Worship 5079 - is there no concept of Shaba-e-Barat in Islam?
Nights of Worship 6389 - I am confused about Shab-e-barat شب برات, is it proven by Sahih Hadees.
Virtuous Acts 6499 - Killing Gecko is not only permissible but also an act of getting reward?
Nights of Worship 6653 - What is the status of 15th night of Sha’ban شب برات in Islam?
Nights of Worship 6765 - reality of Shab e Barat last night it was celebrated all over the country
Nights of Worship 6788 - inform the virtues of Shab e Shab-e-barat in the light of Hadees or Sharia
Nights of Worship 6814 - What is the difference between Shab e Bara'ath and Shab e Qadr?
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 9716 - For new house can we arrange Quran Khuwani at home?
Nights of Worship 3440 - What is the method of celebrating Shab e Mi'raj - شب معراج
Supererogatory Acts 44717 - Here, the women gather together and perform Salat-ul-Tasbeeh
Virtuous Acts 33943 - I would like to take part in Jihad
Oaths and Vows 35943 - Is it more virtuous to give charity on Thursday?
Oaths and Vows 35748 - Is it more rewarding to give charity on Thursday
Virtuous Acts 35761 - Will one be rewarded for worship done without making intention
Supererogatory Acts 37804 - My father 85 yrs old For 35 years regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafil
Virtuous Acts 32184 - Will one be rewarded for reading the Holy Quran on mobile phone
Supererogatory Acts 40899 - Difference between Tahajud and Qiyamul Layl
Oaths and Vows 40356 - Kaffara for The oath taken by the questioner’s mother
Nights of Worship 3490 - what is the reality of Shab-e-Barat - شب براءت
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 3417 - Quran Khawani for the sake of Eesal e Sawab - قرآن خوانی و ایصال ثواب
Nights of Worship 31562 - it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura