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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (837 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Compensation and Atonement 34465 - I have broken many fasts of Ramadan
Aitekaf - Recluse 4433 - Is studying for exams allowed during aitikaaf? - اعتکاف
Tarawih Prayer 5194 - I want to known about taraveeh and is type of sunnat or it is necessary
Aitekaf - Recluse 5198 - I wish to remain in I'thikaf during this Ramadhan.
Invalidators of Fasting 5233 - Would a feeding mother observe fasting?
Tarawih Prayer 5244 - Can Women pray Taraweeh in a mosque by JAMAT
Invalidators of Fasting 5262 - Can I brush my teeth with toothpaste during Roza?
Invalidators of Fasting 5285 - Do Injections break Roza?
Tarawih Prayer 5291 - Seeing the Qur'an Kareem while perform Namaz during taravih prayer
Sehr and Iftar 5292 - Till what time should Sehri (سحری کا وقت) be taken?
Invalidators of Fasting 5293 - Does Fasting become void if eye-drops are used in the eyes?
Aitekaf - Recluse 5295 - i want to know the sharee status of aitikaaf by women
Aitekaf - Recluse 5326 - housewife while she is in etikaf to make arrangements for Sehri
Invalidators of Fasting 5376 - Can we use inhaler while fasting?
Voluntary Fasting 5621 - What are the Sunnah in observing Nafil fasting?
Voluntary Fasting 6141 - Sir, What is meant by ‘Shanba’ شنبہ کا روزہ
Compensation and Atonement 6714 - woman who feeding her child, whether she can skips her Roza During Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 6726 - cleaning pubic and arm-pit hair during Ramadan before the Sunset.
Compensation and Atonement 6740 - If a expert doctor declares that Fasting during pregnancy is harmful
Rules for Ramadan 6789 - The supplication for opening fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 7028 - can i use inhaler during the fasting in Ramadan.
Invalidators of Fasting 7098 - If a patient due to his illness is unable to observe fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 6999 - sexual intercourse with wife while they are Fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 7019 - please tell us abut naswar - نسوار - during ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 7023 - kissing & hugging your own wife while fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 7031 - test of sperms for purpose of fertility while fasting in Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 7041 - How is it to apply perfume while observing Fast?
Invalidators of Fasting 7069 - Fasting does not break by discharge of Mazi (pre-coitus discharge)
Tarawih Prayer 7109 - i want to ask that 6 days,10 days,15 days traweeh is correct or wrong?
Rules for Ramadan 7114 - please guide on the timing of iftar and saher during ramzan?
Tarawih Prayer 7160 - It is permissible and correct to perform 5 or 10 day Tharaweeh Salath.
Aitekaf - Recluse 7212 - Is Ramazam Taraweeh 8 or 20 Rakats?
Aitekaf - Recluse 7231 - what is the instruction for female for etkaaf - خواتین کااعتکاف
Tarawih Prayer 7283 - it is Sunnath to perform 20 Raka’aths of Tharaweeh
Rules for Ramadan 7312 - Breaking of Fast is connected with the Sun set.
Aitekaf - Recluse 7314 - to remain in Masjid with the intention of I'thikaf little before the sunset
Invalidators of Fasting 7321 - Does it nullifies it or Fasting remains intact?
Tarawih Prayer 7333 - Traweeh is Sunath e Muakkidah and it does not have Qadha
Compensation and Atonement 9167 - if the Fasting missed by females
Rules for Ramadan 9299 - to observe Fasting and Eid etc. in accordance to Saudi Arab?
Invalidators of Fasting 9303 - Does Fasting become void by using eye-drops
Rules for Ramadan 9328 - started Roza in Saudi Arabia. will come to Pakistan on 30 Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 9491 - Ruling about masturbation during ramzan roza
Invalidators of Fasting 9500 - become a grave Sinner due to his evil act during Ramadhan
Rules for Ramadan 9504 - Is it possible for a person to annul Fasting after commencing
Aitekaf - Recluse 9593 - A Committee Room occupy for etikaf in masjid during Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 9637 - What is the ruling if a person masturbates while Fasting?
Invalidators of Fasting 9698 - Does Fasting becomes nullified by engaging in masturbation
Compensation and Atonement 10070 - Breaking Fasting of Qadha Ramadan
Voluntary Fasting 10473 - i wanted to know the origin of fasting on Ashura - عاشوراء کا روزہ
Aitekaf - Recluse 10708 - Mihrab is a part of the Masjid, therefore, I’thikaf does not become void
Compensation and Atonement 10774 - no Kaffara (Expiation) for Fastings missed due to monthly periods
Invalidators of Fasting 12515 - injection during fasting
Rules for Ramadan 12718 - Fasting in a country where the Sun rises at 4 pm and sets at 7 pm
Ransom 45304 - She is not able to fast. Does she have to give the Fidya of Fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 45275 - Does Ammonia Solution smell an unconscious person made invalidate the fast?
Invalidators of Fasting 45066 - to apply a hemorrhoids ointment inside of the anus while fasting
Compensation and Atonement 29913 - I started fasting when I was 32 years old. How will I make up for my missed fasts?
Invalidators of Fasting 40740 - Can one take a steam bath while fasting or not?
Voluntary Fasting 35546 - Fasting on the 9th and 10th of Muharram.
Voluntary Fasting 35523 - Law for Nafl (obligatory) fasts on the day of Jumma
Aitekaf - Recluse 34469 - Our masjid placed a notice for those who wants to perform I’tikaaf
Ransom 37519 - My grandparents are not able to fast so they want to pay Fidya
Tarawih Prayer 28664 - Taraweeh Salah in such a Masjid where payment is given for Taraweeh
Tarawih Prayer 37510 - Women attending the Masjid for Tarawih Salah
Invalidators of Fasting 40385 - The fast will not be nullified by merely smelling Naswar
Invalidators of Fasting 34499 - Merely smelling the medicine will not break the fast
Tarawih Prayer 3616 - if women are allowed to pray 8 rakat of Traweeh.
Compensation and Atonement 3518 - Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
Voluntary Fasting 3479 - Can i keep fast for my death father?as a reward for him