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Compensation and Atonement

Breaking Fasting of Qadha Ramadan


Is there any expiation (Kaffara) if I engage in intercourse with my wife while she observes Qadha Fasting of Ramadan and she is unmindful of her Fasting? If so what is the ruling on it?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Before the act of intercourse, if one was unmindful of being observing Fasting and remembered so after the act of intercourse, in such a status the Fasting does not become void. Nevertheless even if he was mindful of being in the state of Fasting before the act of intercourse, only a Qadha Fasting would be compulsory on him and not Kaffara (expiation) since the Fasting was of Qadha Ramadhan and not of Ramadhan.