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Tarawih Prayer

Traweeh is Sunath e Muakkidah and it does not have Qadha


Assalamu alaikum! If a peprson has not performed Tharaweeh ever in his life during Ramadhan what should he do? Does it have Qadha? My mother is 54 years old. She did not pray earlier and now if she prays, what does she do for the previously missed Tharaweeh? What should a person do if his Thajweed is not correct at all? Qur'an was learnt in that manner and what is to be done if it is difficult to learn Thajweed due to old age? Please be good enough to reply. JazakAllah Khaira

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Tharaweeh is Sunnath e Muakkidah and it does not have Qadha, however, the questioner's mother has become a Sinner due to her continuous missing. It is necessary for her to feel repentance over her sin and sincerely make Thowba and Isthighfar while being vigilant in making arrangements to perform it in future. Further, questioner's mother should start learning Qur'an with Thajweed from a lady who knows to recite properly and may learn little by little daily. She would be rewarded for this.