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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (1033 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Rules of Namaz 3135 - Doing Raf-Al-Yadain (Raising the Hands) in Optional Prayers
Rules of Namaz 3358 - Is it compulsory for women to go to the Masjid to perform Namaz?
Rules of Namaz 33564 - Supplications for the believers in the last sitting of the prayer
Rules of Namaz 36876 - Omitting the recitation of Darood and Dua in the last sitting of prayer
Rules of Namaz 41178 - Can the one who trims his beard lead the prayer?
Rules of Namaz 44172 - Offering Namaz while travelling on a plane
Rules of Namaz 5405 - Is it prohibited to crackle fingers while in Namaz?
Rules of Namaz 6378 - Till what time, the days Asar Namaz could be performed?
Rules of Namaz 5948 - Does Namaz become valid with half sleeved shirts?
Rules of Namaz 6104 - whose Asar Namaz is due, gets the congregational Namaz of Maghrib,
Rules of Namaz 6123 - the way of performing Witr Namaz according to all four Imams.
Rules of Namaz 6323 - Here in Ireland I can find two or three different timings of Salat
Rules of Namaz 6325 - The basis of Salath(نماز) , Saum(روزہ) is not the present day clock
Rules of Namaz 6391 - walking in front of a person who is performing Namaz
Rules of Namaz 6440 - Qadha Namaz - قضاء نماز - of an old aged lady?
Rules of Namaz 6462 - Please Send Me The Reference Of Hanfi Namaz
Rules of Namaz 6715 - pray asr at shafi time with them or shall we wait for hanafi time
Rules of Namaz 6946 - A boy whose age is between 14 to 15 years stands to conduct Namaz
Rules of Namaz 7060 - Pray salah without covering their heads
Rules of Namaz 7162 - What is the correct way of raising the finger in Thashahhud - تشہد?
Rules of Namaz 25868 - Salah performed in a room where there are handicrafts of horses and angels
Rules of Namaz 35673 - Fajar prayer is going on, should one perform the Sunnat Salah
Rules of Namaz 28836 - Can one perform Salah while wearing this T-shirt
Rules of Namaz 29924 - Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper
Rules of Namaz 36419 - To pray Zuhr and Asr prayers together
Rules of Namaz 37310 - Running while going for Salah, inside or outside of the Masjid
Rules of Namaz 26932 - Tablighi lecture is being delivered someone is performing Nalf
Rules of Namaz 35577 - Is it allowed to combine Zuhr and Asr why one is traveling
Rules of Namaz 2602 - can u pray salat tasbeh some scholars says that it is not right
Rules of Namaz 39481 - someone leaves off the four Rakats Sunnat of Zuhr Salah
Rules of Namaz 40619 - the spread of Covid is possible if the worshipers stand together
Rules of Namaz 38873 - There are heaters placed in front of the masjid is copying the Jews
Rules of Namaz 40611 - The law for Namaz of one who is excused
Rules of Namaz 3636 - if Namaz could be completed while controlling urine
Rules of Namaz 3604 - Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
Rules of Namaz 3583 - Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
Rules of Namaz 2797 - Perform Namaz in a Masjid built in a graveyard