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Financing Schemes

We place tokens in some packs of chips


We have a chips business. We make chips and then sell it in the market. We also give rewards to consumers to promote our business. We place tokens in some packs of chips. If someone purchases a pack of chips and there is a token in it, he is given some money as a reward. Is this permissible? Or should we put the money inside of the pack of chips instead of the token. My second question is that whichever shopkeeper purchases our product in bundles, we also give them rewards. The more bundles purchased, the better the reward, such as water coolers, watches, irons, solar fans etc. Is this method of giving rewards permissible or not?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The method that the questioner has adapted to promote his business is a way of motivating customers to purchase his product, and not in reality an actual reward. If this doesn’t increase the price of the product, and attaining this extra amount is not the customer’s objective for purchasing the product, in fact, they purchase the product (i.e. chips) for their own business purposes, then this transaction does not fall under gambling. For this reason, it is permissible for the questioner to promote his business through the mentioned method (i.e. putting tokens, or even money in packs of chips, and rewarding shopkeepers with different items).