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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (837 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Halal & Haram Foods 4278 - A company who import frozen chicken/meat from Brazil Australia
Halal & Haram Foods 4765 - I wana ask a question which about Bear (Sharab)
Halal & Haram Foods 5679 - I just want to know about the use of
Halal & Haram Animals 5686 - it is Halal or Haram to eat bowel (the intestines) of cow or goat?
Halal & Haram Foods 6300 - meat in KFC, McDonald's and Subway etc Halal or Haram?
Halal & Haram Foods 6327 - key element in Pepsi and Cola contains extract from the intestines of Pig
Halal & Haram Animals 6436 - What is the ruling about Kangaroo whether it is Haram or Halal?
Halal & Haram Foods 6468 - Are Lays chips halal?
Halal & Haram Foods 6471 - Are Lays chips halal on Not?
Halal & Haram Foods 6502 - The Commercial run in TV about Lays Chips
Halal & Haram Foods 6532 - in Saudia we compelled to buy machine-slaughtered chicken/meat
Halal & Haram Foods 6630 - Lays Chips not Halal due to the fact that it contains a Code E621
Halal & Haram Foods 6673 - Junaid Jemshid use to pose in Lays Chips Ads to say that it is 100% Halal.
Unlawful Medicine and Treatment 40725 - Islamic point of view regarding Omega 3 and Centrum Multivitamin tablets
Halal & Haram Incomes 41919 - If the property broker receives a commission for selling
Halal & Haram Incomes 41936 - I am working in a company, suppliers offer me a commission
Halal & Haram Foods 35709 - Regards to the water purity If a crow puts its beak in water,
Halal & Haram Incomes 29835 - a website on which I upload news about cricket, scores, pictures, videos
Halal & Haram Incomes 38679 - Is the earnings from working in a call center Halal
Unlawful Medicine and Treatment 35619 - Alcohol in homeopathic medicine but drug are life saving
Halal & Haram Foods 29871 - Food of which a man has eaten of is generally lawful for a woman
Halal & Haram Foods 29346 - Is it permissible to smoke shisha
Halal & Haram Foods 35512 - principal spending the funds of the college behind such programs
Halal & Haram Foods 39646 - Is it permissible to eat food cooked by Hindus
Halal & Haram Incomes 38382 - Barbers or Hairstylists job is permissible or not
Halal & Haram Incomes 40366 - take out the interest money and give it to any needy person
Halal & Haram Incomes 6377 - Is it correct or not to do job in a beauty parlor?
Halal & Haram Incomes 4965 - to take old age benefit fund after retirement from government?
Halal & Haram Animals 4431 - Is eating shark (شارک مچھلی) halal?
Halal & Haram Foods 3639 - Feeding of pig feed for fowls/poultry chicks
Halal & Haram Animals 3495 - whether octopus is halal or not