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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (695 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Divorce 41387 - Ali called his wife Abida “حرام زادی”. Does this affect their marriages?
Employment and Job 35962 - I work on-set for shooting films and photography. Is this job Haram?
Company and speculation 42145 - it will not be permissible to exchange the stipulated ratios if there is a loss
Donation 35705 - Money given to a madrasa in Zakat be saved in an saving bank account
Will and Testament 30059 - He make a will that his wealth be given to this adopted son after his death?
Divorce 33757 - Marriage of a christian woman has accepted Islam
Marriage 32920 - Will marriage be valid if someone gives false information
Marriage 33433 - Is it permissible to marry through a phone call?
Marriage 42668 - Husband to remarry his wife over their current marriage
Marriage 33262 - Is it permissible to marry Uncle’s wife
Marriage 26596 - Is it permissible to take a wage for reciting marital sermons
Financial Endowment 33847 - To convert the Masjid into the School
Buying and Selling 36297 - items in Peshawar attained through smuggling and is sold at a cheap price
Employment and Job 35850 - We also have an entertainment channel and a channel for Quran recitation
Trade and Business 28335 - Business of Pan and cigarette shops is Halal or not
Divorce 28955 - paper marriage in Europe, if I have to sigh divorce documents of first wife
Trade and Business 35786 - Having a marriage hall or lawn for business purposes
Trade and Business 35986 - exchanging the currencies of different countries and making a profit
Trade and Business 34664 - Pay Diamond Company Business is an interest based business or is it permissible
Donation 35738 - The principal of the madrasa wants to give the Zakat to the other Madrasa
Trade and Business 35647 - Income of barber doesn’t provide unlawful services
Inheritance 35470 - mentally unstable brother also has a right to a portion of his parents
Trousseau 35477 - he groom’s family were to make a list of items to be received
Divorce 35604 - Is divorce valid if one was forced at gunpoint and at the tip of a knife
Marriage 39589 - Zaid is Fatima’s husband. Zaid’s father is getting married to Fatima’s mother
Financial Endowment 35164 - purchased some land and built a Masjid on part of the land and a house
Trade and Business 35367 - I have a video-game shop. Is my earnings Halal?
Revocation of Divorce 39417 - You are not my wife nor am I your husband - divorce has occurred
Bribery 39592 - Purchasing employment is classified as bribery
Financial Endowment 39553 - Principal of a madrasa invest the madrasa’s funds into any business
Interest 41434 - Nowadays the government is giving loans on 5% markup rate
Divorce Waiting period 29173 - Responsibility after divorce for feeding and maintaining her during her waiting period
Donation 40648 - Gather funds for the Masjid & Madrasa in an appropriate manner
Buying and Selling 38288 - Is it permissible to purchase land through these documents
Trade and Business 31381 - Is it sinful to drive without a license
Marriage 29085 - Is it permissible for a man or a woman to marry a hermaphrodite
Trade and Business 28901 - Is it permissible to sell glasses for business as per Shari’ah
Trade and Business 37425 - Giving extra discounts to card holders
Buying and Selling 37828 - it is permissible to exchange currencies of different countries
Inheritance 35573 - Behbood Certificates, Special Saving Certificates and Prize Bond
Donation 39590 - Donation for the Masjid be accepted from anyone
Donation 39716 - We are building a Masjid in our village
Marriage 39573 - My wife mistakenly called me "bhai"
Buying and Selling 39545 - In an extended family, one brother works
Quarrels 39157 - Law of Diyat (blood-money) and fulfillment of the losse
Divorce Waiting period 39522 - During her waiting period, it is not permissible for this woman
Trust & Deposit 40864 - Balance has been loaded in someone else’s cellphone by mistake
Trade and Business 41004 - I want to know about an app called StreamKar
Divorce 38831 - divorce my wife only in papers and marry another wife
Marriage 38440 - Said “God is my witness, you are my sister.” Now wants to marry me
Trade and Business 37126 - Sell and purchase the hair of animals and wigs
Trade and Business 37831 - I want to open a R.O plant, is it permissible to sell water
Employment and Job 31883 - How good or bad is it to do business with Qadianis
Marriage 41521 - Registering one’s marriage necessary as per Shari’ah
Trade and Business 40697 - Company provides 10% sales commission to anyone who does a sale
Divorce 41476 - these words does not cause divorce to occur on his wife
Marriage 40664 - Bride’s father’s name wrong had no effect on the marriage
Conditional Divorce 40310 - We made a “کلما” divorce agreement with the academy
Political Issues 35167 - I voted for the P.T.A in 2018
Marriage 38377 - According to Ahlus-Sunna, it is permissible to have only four wives
Khula 34910 - Is the dowry pardoned in the transaction of Khul’a
Loan 35108 - Borrow money for business from someone Haram Business
Financial Endowment 35961 - If someone does Wafq of his house
Political Issues 35127 - Can we put of flags on the 14th of August?
Inheritance 13972 - Rules for inheritance
Employment and Job 7120 - I want to get fatwa about my job. I work with one of the NGOs
Trade and Business 7105 - What about Dollars i get paid by google adense
Employment and Job 6940 - what about woman doing employment
Employment and Job 6808 - My Wife has been offered a job in a home based start-up company.
Employment and Job 6791 - The earning of a women is lawful for husband or father?
Trade and Business 6434 - is Mortgage permissible in Islam?
Employment and Job 6302 - my job is in oil fields so the work in iraq hallel or haram ?
Interest 5824 - taking loan for business from bank
Financial Endowment 5716 - Can a Head of a Madrasa utilize the funds of Madrasa
Trade and Business 5505 - We want to start the Money Changer business
Trade and Business 4985 - selling toys includes, toys, dolls, bares, airplane, dogs, cats, etc.
Buying and Selling 4412 - While booking in projects which are under construction
Buying and Selling 4262 - installments is taken place according to the the conditions
Trade and Business 4046 - buying and selling on installment
Marriage 3513 - Wazeefa for a girl’s wedding be taken place as early as possible.
Employment and Job 3408 - employment in any organization if committing of non Shar’ia act
Marriage Rituals 3344 - Sing or listen to songs in weddings?
Interest 3153 - Take Interest from warring Kafirs
Halala and Irrevocable Divorce 2932 - Three Talaqs if given in the same occasion or in different occasions
Employment and Job 2589 - Where we have to sell and make pork sandwiches and burgers
Employment and Job 920 - Job as a worker for example tape cd' player' navigation and emplyfire machanic
Employment and Job 31030 - Showing less sales and production to evade Income Tax and Sales Tax
Interest 31906 - Savings Accounts in conventional (interest based) banks
Trade and Business 32386 - I have named my business as AXE Technologies, is this correct?
Divorce Waiting period 32259 - Who are the Mehram and non-Mehram relatives?
Dowry 32570 - I want to know whether I have to pay Mahr or no?
Trade and Business 32427 - Does the commission I give him falls under the category of Riba (Interest)?
Marriage 31996 - if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?
Divorce 32014 - Please inform whether our marital contract remains intact?
Trade and Business 31843 - Dairy Farm Agreement