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is it legal for a Muslim man to marry a qadiyani woman?


Dear Sir, I would like to know whether it is legal for a Muslim man to marry a qadiyani woman? if it is so, under what conditions it is allowed. Islam permits Muslim men to marry ahl-e-kitab but not mushrikeen.Qadiyani fall under the category of mushrikeen but what if the woman converts and becomes Muslim with true heart. If the woman first embraces Islam and converts into a Muslim, is there any objection in marrying her?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Permissibility of marrying a woman of Ahl e Kithab and impermissibility of marrying a Mushrik woman are two facts which are found in Nas (Unchallengeable Texts). Making objectins on them are not correct, rather such objections could result in nullifying the Iman as well, wheras Qadiyanis are of malicious concepts, Zindeeq and Kafirs with whom marriage is not permissible at any cost except in a situation where he declares his exoneration from all his concepts of Kufr, repents sincerely and makes Thowba and Isthighfar and comes again into the fold of Islam after proclaiming the Kalima e Shahadah. This is considered correct and permissible in Shari’a and then marriage with any Muslim too would become permissible.