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Sin and Illegal

Hindu relatives buried him in their Shamshan Bhoomi - شمشان بھومی -


What does the Islamic Scholars say about a person who died and he was the only Muslim in his family,His Hindu relatives buried him in their Shamshaan Bhoomi,Now can we go to their shamshan (graveyard) and recite Surah Yasin and make Dua?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In the situation mentioned, it is not necessary to visit the Shamshan for Eesal e Sawab - ایصال ثواب - , rather it is impermissible too, since it resembles the Hindus. Therefore one should stay at his place and make arrangements to do as much as Ibadah, physical and financial, and do Eesal e Sawab for the deceased.

Allah knows best.