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we cannot use any instruments in NAAT or HAMD


Asslam Alikum wo Rehmatullah Dear Sir I have a muslim friend who live in Algeria. Yesterday i was talking to her about SONGS. When I told her Islam don't allow us to listen songs can you believe me what her said to me now i quote her chat word by word: me: no islam don't'allow us to listen music of any type........ she: when the words are good. i think no problem me: our religion not allowed she: you r following very hard Islamic thoughts she: i don't agree she: music is human me: I didn't like the music........ how i choose it as a profession. she: so try to make a career as a singer.. u'll be very rich Sir, please give me proof song's are not allowed in Islam and we cannot use any instruments in NAAT or HAMD... with the help of Quran-e-karim & Hadis-e-Mubarika with reference number also. I want to correct her thoughts about Islam... ANSWER MUST BE IN ENGLISH BECAUSE SHE DON'T KNOW URDU Jazakallha.....please remember me in your prays. B. Regards Farhan Ahmed

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If a person adorns his voice and sings songs according to the natural method with an enchanting way provided the purpose is not amusement and pastime but with a correct motive, such as warding off of wildness, curtailing of distance etc. and, also the contexts of the song too is free from Shirk, Bid'ath and impermissible things such as eulogizing the beauty of living women and so on, and, does not make this occupation as a practice so as not to be unmindful or have shortcomings in the purpose of life, and, it does not have any musical instruments etc., then songs of this caliber are Mubah and permissible. Except for this, all other types are impermissible and Haram and it is essential to refrain from them.
As for creating immodest connections and having such dialogs as referred with Non-Mehram are concerned, they too are not correct according to the Shari'a and it is necessary to abstain from them as well.