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in Heaven there will be beautiful young boys?


hi i want to ask one question..my friend told me that in quran it is written that in jannat there will be GHILMAAN(beautiful young boys)..he told me that they ll be available for sex...plz guide me...

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The matter mentioned by the enquirer’s friend is based on his lack of knowledge and ignorance. Homosexuality is Haram in the Shari’a and since it is against the wisdom and nature, a gentleman with sound instinct would not like this act and he would feel scornful and disgust whereas Jannah is free from such type of things which would create scornfulness and disgust in one’s disposition. Also there would not be these types of improper and absurd ideas in Jannah , therefore, rather than wandering over such nonsense it is extremely necessary to take care in remembering Allah and engaging in Ibadaah, and what is to be happened there, would come across automatically.

Allah knows best.