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Rules of Namaz

Does Namaz become valid with half sleeved shirts?


Assalamu Alaikum! May Allah always smile upon you. Aameen! I wish to get answers for some questions with regard to Namaz.
1. Does Namaz become valid with half sleeved shirts? I wish to place two Fiqhi thoughts or opinions in this regard. First opinion is from a Barelvi site, Da'wat e Islami according to which Namaz is valid with half sleeved shirts since it is stitched like that and there is no detestation in performing Namaz with half sleeved shirts. Even on T V one Alim whose connection as to which sect is not known to me (whether Barelvi or Deobandi) was saying that if a cloth becomes common then Namaz becomes valid with such a cloth, and if looked at it ,since the half sleeve shirt has become a common cloth now, Namaz is valid with it.
Second opinion is connected to the Deobandi sect and when I asked an Alim on that whether Namaz is valid with half sleeved shirt he said valid because even if the arms are naked they will not fall in Sathr since Sathr starts from beneath the navel and furthermore Namaz becomes valid even during Haj where people are dressed with Ihram. Whereas when I asked the Imam of our Masjid he said that the Namaz is valid if the house is far from the Masjid and if it is closer to the Masjid it is necessary to wear full sleeved shirt and perform Namaz. Now I have some half sleeved shirts which were already bought and some were received as gifts and if I accept the word of the Imam it will be upto intricacy, to again and again remove the shirt and wear full sleeved shirt and then perform Namaz. I can not throw these shirts away and nor can I give to someone lest his Namaz with such shirts will be not valid. In this situation what is the ruling in this regard? Anyhow I mostly wear these shirts during summer season and please enhance my knowledge by informing whether in such a situation Namaz will be valid or not with half sleeved shirts?
Second question; Both ( Barelvi and Deobandi) accept the Fiqh e Hanafi and then why is this Fiqhi dissension? In such a circumstance whom should a normal person follow? May Allah reward you.
2. If an animate photo (ex. animal or human) is made on the shirt will the Namaz be valid with it? Or is it possible to wear another shirt over the shirt on which the animate photos are made and perform Namaz. By this way will, the Namaz be valid?
3. In certain shirts the logo of the company is made (like horse or some other animal in Polo shirts) and in such cases if the logo is covered by affixing a sticker over it will the Namaz be valid or is it necessary that the logo should be cut off or torn off?
4. Likewise if there are any inanimate pictures like Moon, Sun etc. are made on the shirt will the Namaz be valid with such shirts?
5. I have to perform the Qadha Namaz of life. (Qadha e Umari) What i wish to ask is that I use to perform Jummah Namaz during Fridays in my Qadha e Umari and upto my knowledge I have not missed Jummah Namaz more than 2 or 3 times in my life so far. Now when I perform Qadha e Umari do I have to perform Zuhar for Jummah day for all the years or just for 2 or 3 days? May Allah reward you. Allah Hafiz

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1. Let it be known that it is detestable (Makrooh) in Salath, to fold the sleeves upto the elbows and keep them naked or to wear half sleeved shirts regardless of self stitched or purchased readymade or whether one’s house is close by or far,
2. The referred contradiction in opinions is not connected to the differences of Barelvi or Deobandi Schools of Thought rather it is based on the ignorance of Shar’i Mas’ala. Hence detestation of performing Salath in such condition is established from the following books as well which are accepted and reliable to both the Schools of Thought. Therefore it is necessary for the questioner to dress with appropriate clothes while performing an important Ibadath like Salath and should try to make the clothes in accordance with the Sunnath. (Fath’hul Qadeer Vol 1. Page 359, Bahr Vol 2. Page 24, Fiqh ul Islami Vol 1. Page 871, Hindiya Vol 1. Page 102,)
3. Although there is an allowance to perform Salath laying or wearing a cloth with pictures so small that are not clear or exhibited, yet it is preferable and excellent to avoid it. If the pictures are clear and exhibited or fairly big, presence of same will tantamount to make the Salath detestable (Makrooh). Therefore by performing Salath laying some other cloth over it or wearing another shirt if it is present in the shirt, Salath would be executed without any detestation.
4. Any kind of lifeless pictures are not prohibited in Shari’a. Similarly Salath would be valid, without any detestation, with the presence of the pictures in logos if they are tiny, whereas covering them by affixing some stickers etc too is desirable.
5. Not for all the years but it is compulsory to perform Qadha of four Raka’aath of Zuhr for every missed Jummah Salath.

Allah knows best.
Muhammad Imran
Darul Iftha, Jamia Binoria.
15 Jamadil Oola 1430

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