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in Saudia we compelled to buy machine-slaughtered chicken/meat


Sir, Since a restriction is imposed in Saudi Arabia on slaughtering of fowl/meat nowadays we are compelled to buy machine-slaughtered chicken/meat in which, it is written 100% Halal. Please inform us whether we can use this?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If the machinery slaughter of fowls is done in the following manner i.e., birds are controlled by a chain belt and arranged so, that the birds are forwarded in front of the one who slaughters in an order and then slaughtered after being recited BISMILLAHI ALLAHU AKBAR while the slaughterer too being a Muslim then, undoubtedly, the slaughtered bird is Halal. Otherwise it is necessary to refrain from consuming it. Hence it is necessary to analyze the machine-slaughtering procedure and act accordingly.