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To disclose more than the actual number of students


I am a representative of a Madrasa and keep on going abroad in connection with collection to the Madrasa. Mufti Sahib what I want to know is that when we go to people they ask about the number of students and about the expenses etc. etc.. If we tell them in excess i.e. If we tell them the number of students as 4000 whereas actual number is 2000 and likewise in expenses too if we tell them more, will that be included in falsehood (considered as lie)? Remember! the purpose of the lie is only and only to get more funds and to get the Madrasa and the students benefited.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

To disclose more than the actual number of students or the actual monthly expenses etc. are undoubtedly based on falsehood and deceit and to do so, whatever the intention be, is impermissible according to Shari’a. Therefore it is incumbent to disclose the actual number and the amount instead of the aforesaid practice.