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If Allah is All Powerful then is He Capable of stealing also?


My question is that Allah Tha'ala has said in Qur'an that Allah forgives all the sins except Shirk and in another place He says that resting place for one who kills a Mu'min is Jahannum. (Isn't there a possibility of lie established by this) A friend of mine said that it is falsehood. If Allah is All Powerful (All Capable) then is He Capable of stealing also? Please resolve my confusion. Send answer to my email as early as possible as it is very essential

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Due to His common power Allah Ta’ala is All Powerful in everything but along with this Allah has promised that He would not do certain acts. Therefore not doing an act according to His promise does not necessitate His inability of doing such acts. For instance, Allah is capable of forgiving a Mushrik but alongwith He has promised that He would not forgive a Mushrik without the repentance , therefore non-forgiveness does not necessitate incapability. Also it is necessary to understand that ALLAH is Most Supreme and Most High and is pure and free from all sort of faults and defects therefore any such act which contains blunder or imperfection can not occur from Allah Tha’ala, not because it is beyond the power of Allah but because He is pure and free from all kinds of faults and defects. In short, occurrence of defects like lie, theft etc. are possible (for Himself) LIZAATHIHI whereas impossible (for others) LIGHAIRIHI, FROM Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Allah knows best.