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Nights of Worship

I am confused about Shab-e-barat شب برات, is it proven by Sahih Hadees.


I am confused about Shab-e-barat, is it proven by Sahih Hadees. Why it is clearly written in Tafseer of Surah al-Dukhan of Saudia Arabia given at Hajj that all the things associated with it are done on Lailatul Qadr like Years decisions and the same tafseer is on Mufti Mohammed Shafi's Tafseer. Why Ulema's are unable to speak against it, if it is not proven by Sahih Hadees or Quran or by any Companions, are they preparing to go to hell.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Although the fact that the referred Ayath of Sura e Dukhan is related to Lailathul Qadr as mentioned in both the Thafseer quoted in the question is correct, but there are more than ten Narrations of Sahaba e Kiram Radhiyallahu Anhum with regarding to the Shab e Bara'ath, collection of which establishes the importance of this night. Therefore it is not necessary to have undue worries. However one thing is certain that there is no special form of Ibadath recorded for this night.
Therefore it is not correct to consider a special way of Ibadath as a means of lot of rewards and Sawab and engage in that, particularly for this night. Hence it is necessary to abstain from it.