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The Prophetic Tradition

entering or exiting on a motorcycle one’s home with both right and the left foot


According to the Sunnat, one should exit their home with their left foot and then recite the supplication for leaving one’s home, and one should enter their home with their right foot and then recite the supplication for entering one’s home. But most of the times, I exit my home on my motorcycle and my foot is not on the floor. I also enter my home on my motorcycle. In this case, what would be the Sunnat way of entering or exiting my home? Did the Holy Prophet or his companions even enter or leave their homes while riding? Is there any such Hadith?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is okay to enter one’s home with both the right and the left foot. As for when entering or exiting on a motorcycle, the Sunnat will be fulfilled by just reciting the supplication of entering or exiting one’s home.