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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (695 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Fashion and Beauty 31859 - To pluck out the gray strands hair from one’s beard
The Prophetic Tradition 31765 - entering or exiting on a motorcycle one’s home with both right and the left foot
Fashion and Beauty 36350 - Wajib to keep a beard and Sunnat to have it the amount of a fist length
Manners and Rules of Dress 34850 - How can the clothes of a Muslim be according to the Quran and Sunnat
Eating habits 32908 - Making Dua for Guest after Eating
Fashion and Beauty 36178 - Ruling about wearing rings for men
Manners and Rules of Dress 38842 - institute who is imposing wearing suits and ties
Fashion and Beauty 34989 - Can I do Microblading for My eyebrows
Manners and Rules of Dress 34900 - Is it sinful to iron clothes on a prayer-mat?
Various issues 6818 - Please tell me in detail the limitations of a female in her profession
Various issues 6671 - Is celebrating giyarwaan shareef - گیارھویں شریف - bidah?
Entertainment and Sports 6047 - To rearing birds at home
Various issues 5909 - Deduction from the salary in the laid down terms and conditions?
Entertainment and Sports 5872 - can we play cards with our friend with out gambling
Entertainment and Sports 5820 - Is it permissible to keep dolls at home and play with them?
Eating habits 5599 - In broken pot eating or drinking is Makrooh?
Entertainment and Sports 4923 - Billiard & carrom boards games shop in Islam
Entertainment and Sports 4788 - What is the ruling on Sajda e Shukr? - سجدہ شکر
Entertainment and Sports 4718 - What is the Fatwa on playing Games?
Entertainment and Sports 4246 - Ruling on playing Ludo
Entertainment and Sports 4248 - Ladies to go to stadium wearing Hijab to see cricket matches
Various issues 4154 - Permissible of reward and Sawab to earn Dunya
The Prophetic Tradition 3916 - Instructions of Islam about under shave.
Entertainment and Sports 3755 - Is it allowed in Islam to read and write children's stories ?
Laws and Etiquettes of Traveling 3731 - Does Sunnah Salat get excused due to Qasr Namaz or no?
Entertainment and Sports 3590 - Is it permissible to play cards and chess?
Laws and Etiquettes of Traveling 2856 - Prayer for the Traveler
Eating habits 31804 - Eating rice with Hands, is it Sunnath?
Entertainment and Sports 31860 - In a game, the team which loses would distribute drinks.