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will there be some religion in Heaven?


Asalam o alikum
plz reply these questions ... jazak Allah.
1. In Heaven... is Hoor Muslim? will there be some religion in Heaven?
2. Allah is the Most Forgiver and He can forgive anybody. If He forgives a non-muslim and when he enters the Heaven then can a Muslim HOOR stay with a non-Muslim? If no, then what will happen to the non-Muslim and what will he get?
3. Can Muslims women live with non-Muslims men (marriage)
4. Can Muslims in Heaven meet Muslims women? I mean if some one hope to meet our mothers (Ummahat ul momeneen)?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1. Allah Rabbul Izzath has created Heaven for Muslims and the believers whereas He has created Jahannum for disbelievers. Therefore the Hoors too will be Muslims and the Mazhab in Heaven will be Islam, the Mazhab of Ahl e Sunnath wal Jama'ath.
2. Although Allah is capable of doing so but He would not do so and He has already announced in Qur'an Shareef thus; ALLAH NEVER FORGIVES HE WHO ASSOCIATES PARTNERS WITH HIM AND FORGIVES THE OTHERS WHOM HE WISHES and it is mentioned in Hadees e Qudsi too that I HAVE BANNED HEAVEN FOR THE DISBELIEVERS. Therefore it is necessary to refrain from wasting ones time and thoughts from such type of futile questions.
3. It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim.
4. Yes, this is also possible.

Allah knows best.