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Laws of Hijab

I converted to Islam 9 years ago Alhamdulillah. Want to wear hijab


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I converted to Islam 9 years ago Alhamdulillah. Want to wear hijab, but my non-Muslim parents do not allow me. They do not want their community to find out about my conversion & have threatened that I will have to leave their house, if I put on hijab. (1) Hijab is farz, so am I allowed to leave my parents' house, in order to wear hijab? (2) I am doing a job but do not earn enough to get a place to stay & also do not have any other place to go & am also unable to marry. What should I do? (3) Suppose if I manage to save money & find a decent place to stay, is it allowed for a Muslimah to live alone, without a mehram? Can I live as a paying-guest with some Muslim ladies? JazakAllah khair Wassalam, a sister in Islam.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In this circumstances it is necessary for the questioner to keep on trying in explaining her parents with wisdom and insight and along with this, get married to a good, pious person who follows the Shari'a no sooner than it becomes possible. It is necessary to learn the laws of Shar'i Parda referring to the books connected to it and to be vigilant on it in any case and to withstand and bare with patience in case any annoyance or trouble etc. is caused by the parents or any other party. Insha Allah the Benevolent Rabb will bring better situations in return.