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Recitation of the Holy Qur'an

we do Qur'an Khawani and serve meals like Biryani etc


Assalamu Alaikum! I want to know that, very often we do Qur'an Khawani (get together and recite Qur'an ) and serve meals like Biryani etc. for refreshment. So, is this a correct practice?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that recitation of The Qur’an is one of the most important Ibadath and is a source of gaining more rewards and Sawab. Shari’a has not prescribed any particular system for it but reciting according to the conditions and etiquettes laid down, is rewardable. However, the peculiar practice which people have created in the common society during the present era, of reciting Qur’an collectively for the Eesal e Sawab of the deceased and Khatme e Qur’an and meals and refreshment following it, is not established in the three golden ages (Quroon e Salasa) which were famous for all their virtues and excellence. Therefore it is an innovation (Bid’ath). In addition to it being a Bid’ath there are many more wrong things such as: Friends and relatives mostly attend to escape from accusations and their purpose does not remain Eesal e Sawab. If a friend or a relative stays back at home and recites the complete Qur’an and makes Eesal e Sawab, yet, the members of the deceased family are not satisfied. Even if they are satisfied, still the complaint of non-attendance remains same whereas one who comes to them and stays for a while and makes some excuse and leaves, is saved from the complaints. The deed which is done with such intentions bears no Sawab and when the reciter himself is deprived of Sawab then what can he bestow for the deceased? As regards participation of the poor and needy people, most of the participants attend in anticipation of receiving something or the other and if they come to know beforehand that they would get nothing and would have to keep on only reciting then no one would attend at all. From this it is understood that their participation itself is only to gain something. When their recitation itself is for worldly gains then from where would they get Sawab for it and what would they bestow to the deceased? Similarly in such occasions inter-mingling of opposite sex which is not permissible too do occur and therefore it is incumbent to refrain from such Innovations and ill-practices. However it is permissible if the households of the deceased themselves recite Qur’an Shareef or other relatives too recite in their respective places without realizing that it is necessary to gather at one place in an appointed time. Therefore an Amal of high caliber like recitation of Qur’an Kareem should be made free from Innovations and ill-practices and done with sincerity in intention even though recited less.
Allah knows best.