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Tawaf And Saae

The new Masaa was built towards the external side of Haram


Many many thanks for sending your Fatwa No 37823 about the Masaa. May Allah give progress and Barakath for you and your institution. Aameen
In my question I had very clearly mentioned that all the floors (ground, first and second i.e. roof) of old Masaa which is the original place of Masaa had been demolished. The new Masaa was built towards the external side of Haram along with i.e. parallel to the original Masaa before Haj last year.This place was the external strip of Haram where all the (Abwaab) entrances (Babus Salam,Babun Nabi, Babu Abul Abbas etc etc) were falling with. In other words it can be said as similar to a railway track which falls exactly parallel to each other


Safaa_____________________________ PuraniMasaa __________________________Marwaa

____________________________________Naee Masaa____________________________________

Area beyond Haram

Hope that now I have become successful in explaining my question. Please allow me to thank you and send me early reply.

Jazakumullahu Khairan Kaseeran Kaseeraa

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Method adopted to avoid future difficulty for performers of Haj and Umrah through expanding the Masaa is due to (having no other options) helplessness and compulsion whereas performers of Haj and Umrah make Sa’ee in Masaa considering it to be the Masaa . Therefore apparently there is no ill in Haj or Umrah of those who perform Sa’ee in the new Masaa but counted as correct whether it is within the Haram limit or no. However for further clarifications you may refer to the other learned Ulama as well.