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paying for government job


Janab Mufti Sahib, Kya farmatay hain Ulma-e-Karam is baray main ke, Koi shakh government ki job Jis ke Mayyar per wo poora utarta ho laken hamarai country main merit ke saath saath Rishwat jaisi laanat bhi hai. To poochna yeh hai ke is surat main job hasil karnay ke lyay kisi shaks ka bahalat-e-majboori rishwat dena jayaz hai ya nahin. Jabke mainay suna hai ke rishwat lenay aur denay wala donon Jahannumi hain. Bara-e mahrabani is baray main rehnumai farmaaen.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If a person faces for the interview called by any institution for his employment and succeeds while having necessary educational qualifications and the required experience, and finds it impossible in getting appointed without paying bribe and also rights of none is violated by such payment, then in such a circumstance although the payer has a leeway of paying the bribe in order to attain his right, yet for the receiver it is impermissible and Haram at all costs hence should refrain from accepting the bribe.
However, it is always preferable and better if employment could be availed where there is no even an imagination of bribery.