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Tarawih Prayer

Women attending the Masjid for Tarawih Salah


Dear Mufti Zarwali Saheb,
What does the Shari’ah say about the following issues? Please tell us their rulings.
(1) What are the rulings regarding women attending the masjid for Tarawih Salah, performing Tarawih salah following the congregation from the basement of the masjid and the ruling regarding the Imam leading them in prayer?
(2) What are the rulings with regards to giving a brief explanation of the Quran that has been recited in Salah and taking a break for water or tea after the completion of the first 12 Rakats of Tarawih, and similarly, giving a brief explanation of the Quran that has been recited after the completion of the final 8 Rakats?
(3) What is the ruling regarding women coming to the masjid for Eid Salah and occasionally for any other Salah?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

(1/3) Unfortunately, Mufti Zarwali Saheb doesn’t issue fatawa on this website. He, as a matter of fact, has in own institute by the name of Ahsanul-Uloom. The questioner will have to visit there if he would like to ask about any issue from Mufti Zarawali Saheb specifically. But with regards to the question, it is not permissible for women to leave their homes to partake in any Farzh, Tarawih or Eid Salah. It has been prohibited since the time if the Sahaba due to fear of temptation. Women should establish their daily Salah and Tarawih in their homes. However, if any woman would partake in the congregational prayer at the masjid, her Salah will be valid but with dislike.
(2) Whereas, after the completion of 12 Rakats of tarawih, giving a brief explanation of the meaning of Quran that has been recited and having break for water or chai is also permissible, but these things should not be intolerable to the local worshipers of the masjid.
And Allah knows best.