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Can females use blades, scissors for cleaning


1. How often should the pubic hair be cleaned? Can females use blades, scissors (things made of metal)? What portion should be cleansed and which system should be adopted?
2. After how many days break should physical contact be made with husband?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1. Cleaning of pubic hair and other unnecessary hair once a week is Musthahab (Praiseworthy) and it is Ja'iz (Permissible) to clean once in fifteen days whereas leaving it uncleaned for over forty days is Na Ja'iz (Impermissible) and and act of sin. And for females, although they can use blades, scissors etc for cleaning, the Musthahab way for them is to remove even with the help of any cream or powder. The limit of the pubic hair starts from the first wrinkle below the navel when one sits in squatting position, to, on and around both the private parts, rear and front.

2. There is no Shar'i limit mentioned about this matter. However, as per the physicians, it should be adopted once a month and in a dire need twice a month. If the necessity still persists, then once or twice weekly. As for making it daily or doing many times in the same night is quite harmful to health. (Courtesy; Thuhfathun Nikah)
Allah knows best.

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