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Mehfal e Husne Qirath conducted by your Jamia Binoria, is this bidat?


Assalamu Alaikum Mufthi Sahib, In the program of Mehfal e Husne Qirath conducted by your Jamia Binoria, loud speakers are used in full volume throughout the night due to which, taking rest has become impossible for those who stay in the nearby colonies. And the sin of not listen to Quran will befall upon those who are busy with their activities. And by taking care of the night of 12 Rabee ul Awwal it becomes a proof for the Bid'athi people. And "YA RAHMATAL-LIL-ALAMEEN" is too written on the banners. Due to all these and many more ill effects it is difficult to understand the Shar'i standard of this Mehfil. Are all these things permissible? If the Madaris of Deoband Sect too do such things then what not would the average people do? Please send reply and be blessed by Allah

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The objections of the questioner is no doubt , worth consideration, and the organizers of the Mehfel too would be informed about it. As a matter of fact, effort too would be made to clear such ill effects in future programs. However, spending just few hours from one full year to listen to the recitation of Qur’an, and the purpose is only the pleasure of Allah Tha’ala, then there is no harm according to the Shari’a but it is benefit over benefit in too.