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Employment and Job

Where we have to sell and make pork sandwiches and burgers


question number 1.... if we are in USA and we have to do some job to earn some money to sustain our educational expenses so what about working in a hotel or in a convenient store where we have to sell and make pork sandwiches and burgers
Q number 2..... if we are working in the same place and we are serving things other then pork items the how is that
Q number 3...........if we are at the cash counter and we are making receipts of alcohol what about that

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Although permissibility is there for the questioner for his aforesaid employment, but it is better to abstain from it. Similarly, in those places, if other than the prohibited items such as alcohol etc. other Halal things too are sold as well, as explained in the question, it is permissible and correct to do employment in such places. However in the event employment is found in some restaurants etc., where such types of evils are not committed, then it is preferable and excellent at all cost to go for it.
Allah knows best.