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Halal & Haram Foods

Junaid Jemshid use to pose in Lays Chips Ads to say that it is 100% Halal.


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathuhu! I wanted to ask you about the Lays Chips. Nowadays Junaid Jemshid brother use to pose in Lays Chips Ads to say that it is 100% Halal. What is your Fatwa regarding this? I read in a daily, Ummath Newspaper about Lays Chips saying that it is not permissible. Please inform as to whose view to be followed and whether or not to use Lays Chips? Requesting for Duas

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Many contradictory research results have emerged with regard to the ingredients contained in Lays Chips and none of them could be declared as final. However due to the differences in researches it is preferable to refrain from eating it. Of course if it is found through an unbiased research that any Haram element is mixed in it and subsequently due to a chemical reaction the essence and the nature of the element too is made to be transformed, it will be undoubtedly permissible to eat it, otherwise, it is necessary to abstain from it .

As for the referred person Junaid Jemshid is concerned, he should have abstained from going behind scholarly matters that require analysis and research and, to carry on his head, the blunder of declaring a doubtful thing as 100% Halal without having a research done on it's true spirit.

As such, without justifying and only due to the eating of same by the concerned person, it is necessary to refrain from consuming it and consider it to be Halal, until, the permissibility and of being Halal of it is found through a result of an unbiased research.