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To rearing birds at home


Aslam Walikum Q.1.My First question is that it is allow in islam to put beautiful birds in our houses in cages.I have read a fatwa by saudi mufti that is allowed in Islam kindly give answer referring to hadis and quran-o-sunnah ? Q.2 Recently i went to makkah and madina to performed ummrah some people are trying to collect jannat ul baqi soil and they told be thats if some body dies in Pakistan we put some soil of jannat ul baqi in its qabar. Kindly explain that its ok or not? Q.3.My third question is that i saw in kabba sharif that some peoples are rubbing their ahram,tasbeh and caps through kabba for barkat is it ok doing that? Hazart sb kindly give my answer as soon as possible and also give the refernces of hadis also for the above answers...Thanks Allah hafiz......

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful
If the cage is spacious enough so that the bird could fly a little and the bird is also fed properly with it’s meals/water, in this situation it is not prohibited in Shari’a too to rear birds at home, rather, it is correct and permissible.
There is no harm as per Shari’a as well, in doing so if done solely for the purpose of availing the blessings.
Rubbing one’s Thasbeeh (bead roll) and Rumaal (handkerchief) etc with Ka’ba Shareef is a clear evidence of his faith and love and this not prohibited, rather, correct and permissible

Allah knows best.