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Supererogatory Acts

My father 85 yrs old For 35 years regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafil


My father is 85 years old. For 35 years he has been regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafl Salah. Due to old age and weakness, he becomes very exhausted from this. We are requesting your verdict regarding which Nafl Salah he should perform and which he should leave out. The schedule of his Nafl Salah has been attached.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The questioner’s father has very good motive, but it is not necessary to perform 2 separate rakats for all of the mentioned matters. 2 or 4 rakats of Salatul-Haaja can be performed after which supplication can be made for the well-being of the living, and however much rakats can be easily perform without any difficultly, its rewards can be dedicated for those who have passed away. This method will be more convenient for the questioner’s father and his objective will also be achieved through it.
And Allah knows best.