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The Prophetic Tradition

What is the sin of removing Beard?


Assalamo-alaikum, kindly provide the Quran-o-sunnat evidence of beard (Darhi) ? Also advise is it Sunna-e-Maukeda?? What is the sin of removing beard?? Can we keep light moustache with beard? OR Is it compulsory to keep beard without moustache? Pls advise. Jazak Allah.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is Wajib to keep beard, and to grow it to the length of fist is Sunnah. And to make it shorter, trim or shave is not permissible at all, and Haram according to the unanimous opinion of the A'imma (jurists). In the situation where one is having beard, it is permissible undoubtedly to have moustache along with it. Reference of some Ahadees e Mubaraka and writings of Islamic jurists mentioning that the beard is obligatory and shortening it to less than a fist is impermissible is quoted below for perusal.
Mishqath - Hadees narrated by Hadhrath Ibn Umar Radhiyallahu Anhuma p380