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Sin and Illegal

Who owns the remnant of cut material left out by the tailor?


Assalamu Alaikum Respected Mufthi Sahib, I have two questions.
1. Who owns the remnant of cut material left out by the tailor? Can the tailor use it for his own purposes or is it necessary that he ask the owner of the material?
2. A person gave some Qur'an and some Qaida to a Muhthamim of a Madrasa to be given to the students. Muhthamim Sahib collects some money from the students and give them to the students so that students don't waste and the Muhthamim Sahib utilizes this money on Madrasa's other expences. Is it permissible for the Muhthamim to do so or no?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1. If the parings are less than one span in width and also the owner of the material does not demand it then it is permissible and correct for the tailor to hold the parings without permission and take it for his own use, whereas parings, larger than this in size are normally demanded back. Therefore it is not correct to hold back usable and larger cut pieces with out the permission of the owner or without bringing it to his notice or else it would become a Sin. As such it is necessary either to obtain permission from the owner or to return back.
2 It is not permissible to any Muhtamim or a Trustee of a Waqf to sell Qur'an Majeed or Qaida to students in this manner and it is necessary to refrain from same.