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having sexual relationship with slave girl


One of my friends who is shafaii posed me with this question: Q: Is having sexual relationship with Laundi(slave girl) is allowed? I told him that it is not at all allowed but he wanted proof for it which I donot have. Please answere this confusing question with authentic references so that I can cite these to him......Jazak Allah

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is permissible and correct according to the Shari'a to have sexual relationship with slave girls but in the present era there remain no slave girls. And the application of the word slave girl or slave, used on those men and women are not correct as per the Shari'a since they are normally victims of financial turbulence, poverty and indigence. Using their helplessness, people keep them with them under the names of slaves or salve girls to utilize them to fulfill their desires, which is not permissible, rather an act of explicit Haram, abstinence from which is extremely essential.