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Nights of Worship

inform the virtues of Shab e Shab-e-barat in the light of Hadees or Sharia


Please inform the virtues of Shab-e-barat in the light of Hadees or Shari’a. Are there any Nafls in this night and fasting in the day? If so, then what is the speciality in this night as people celebrate this night saying Shab e Bara’ath?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Virtues of this night are recorded in Ahadees e Mubaraka. And, in some narrations it is mentioned that Allah Ta'ala frees a large number of captives from Jahannum in this night. Probably due to this reason this night is interpreted as Shab-e-barat (night of acquittal). Therefore comparing to other nights if precaution is taken to engage in more Nawafil and Ibadat in this night and to observe fasting in the day if one is capable of doing so does not make any harm, but performing collective Ibadat in the Masjid, decorating the Masjid with illuminations and distribution of sweet dishes and performing Nafl with congregation etc. are not established. However, due to the virtues of this night there is no harm in making arrangement to perform Ibadat in this night individually.