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Trade and Business

Having a marriage hall or lawn for business purposes


I want to know if having a marriage hall or lawn for business purposes in Pakistan, or forming a partnership in that business lawful (حلال) or unlawful (حرام). Because there are dancing and mixing in a lot of weddings even though alcohol is not served. So will the income be lawful? The nature of this business is that one will you rent a piece, renovate it and build a marriage hall on it. Then rent it out to people for their weddings and earn an income.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is permissible to own a marriage hall for the sake of business in Pakistan or in any other country. Furthermore, if one knows that his client will have music, dancing and other impermissible activities during the wedding then one should avoid renting the marriage hall to that client. However, even if one rents out the marriage hall in such a situation the income will still be lawful, except that one will be sinful for assisting in their disobedience to Allah (i.e. by indulging in impermissible activities during the wedding).
And Allah knows best.