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The Eid Prayer

How is it to do Musafaha and Muanaqa during the Eid day?


1. How is it to do collective Ibadah Dua Zikr doing Bayan etc in the Masjid on odd nights of Ramadhan ul Mubarak?
2. How is it to do special Musafaha and Muanaqa during the Eid day?
3. During Ramadhan is it preferable to go on Jama'ath or to to stay at one's place and complete the Qur'an in Tharaweeh since by going in Jama'ath, Qur'an does not get completed.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1 It is a means of great fortune and very great reward to engage in Ibadath, Zikr, Dua, Thilawath etc. during the day or night in the holy month of Ramadhan. It is far more great source of reward to sit in I’thikaf in the final ten days and search for Lailathul Qadr specially in the odd nights. But to make a gathering for it a must and to look down upon those who do not do so etc. are not correct.
2 The exact time for Musafaha (Shaking Hands) and Mu’anaqa (Embracing ) is the first meeting and not the time after performing Namaz, therefore, after Namaz and particularly after Eid Namaz one should refrain from doing Musafaha and Mu’anaqa since it is only a customary practice of some areas. However if a person meets one during the Eid days and does Musafaha and Mu’anaqa with him it is not prohibited but is permissible and correct.
3 Both things mentioned are acts of virtues and no need of a comparison necessary between them. Anyhow what is preferable is, to spend time in Jama’ath after completely listening to the Qur’an in Tharaweeh since it is Masnoon and the opportunity is available only once in a year.