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Where in Quran Its say that Muslim can't keep a dog


1. I wanna know where in Quran Its say that Muslim can't keep a dog. 2. why dog are consider as dirty animal, when in Quran dog is also recognized as a family member? there are alot of surat which talk about dog help God Prophets to track their way, and for hunting reasons? 3. If dog is considered as dirty animal? Why muslims are allowed to eat animal which is hunted by dog?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The sacred Shari'a has prohibited keeping or rearing dogs unnecessarily due to (Najs) impurity and noxious qualities it carries but in certain particular species Shari'at has given permission to have it for security purposes etc. due to some useful qualities. Further, no proof is found for the present day culture of having intimacy and affection with dogs, rather, it is prohibited from such things due to it being impure (Najs). Therefore without a proof and a valid Shar'i reason it is necessary to refrain from ignoring it's dirt and filth.