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Rights of Parents

If parents can bear up by themselves all the expenses of Haj


Assalam mualaikum i m working in Qatar but belong to Pakistan...My Question is .. we are 3 brothers i am the middle one we all are working Allahumdullah, but last year 2008 i send my parent for umra on my expensive, i mean to say that my other 2 brothers didn't pay any amount.. more over for your information i have that much money to pay for their HUJ.. is HUJ Faraz for them??? plz explain it for me Thanks and my ALLAH bless on you with all mankind Waslamualaikum

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If your parents are of Sahib e Nisab and they can bear up by themselves all the expenses in executing the obligation of Haj then in such a status Haj become Fardh (Obligatory) upon them. If they do not own the expenditure of Haj it does not become obligatory upon them just because you are rich and Sahib e Nisab. However if you make them perform Haj it will be a source of Sawab and reward for you and undoubtedly it will also be a great fortune for you.