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My parents do not give permission to attend any religious activities


Assalamu Alaikum What is to be done if parents do not give permission to spend time? My parents do not give permission to attend any religious activity and only once they gave permission to go to Raiwind. They refuse to give permission if asked to go on 3 days or attend the Ijtima. Is it allowed to break their command in order to attain the Deen?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In situations as such it is necessary for questioner to help and serve his parents well and to be more obedient to them and enlighten them with the major necessities that are to be confronted after death. Also inform them of the virtues of leaving in the path of Allah Tha’ala and tell them Karguzaris (strange events such as unseen help of Alllah with those Jamaaths etc etc.) that have occurred while in excursion of various Jamaths. Never go for arguments with them. Along with this, engage with the work in the area in local level as well and continue making Dua to soften the paents heart and Insha Allah they will definitely give permission. Once they give permission you may also leave for more or less time. It is our Dua that may the Benevolent Rabb bring you convenience in seeking His Deen and engaging in the work He pleases and make you His beloved slave.