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Rights of Spouses

husband remain outside the house and wasting time at night while his wife is there


My question is that is it permissible for the husband to remain outside the house at night while his wife is there? Nowadays, the younger generation is used to roaming around late at night and when they get married they are not prepared to leave this habit. What does the Shari’ah say about this? And what the law for a wife whose husband spend half of the night, or until 2-3am with his friends? Please guide regarding this issue.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Staying up during the night and wasting time in pointless discussions is very much disliked in the Shari’ah and is even more sinful if this causes one to not fulfill the rights of one’s wife and children. This is why the younger generation, especially those who are married, should refrain from wasting one’s time and not fulfilling the rights of their family.
And Allah knows best.