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Laws and Etiquettes of Traveling

Prayer for the Traveler


how can we say our prayer in journey thanks

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If the journey is Shar’i, i.e 48 Miles ( 77.24 Km) or longer than it, then, after leaving the boundary of the town or village it is Waijb to perform Namaz of 4 Rakaa’ath (Zohr, Asr, Isha) shortened (Qasr), that means to perform 2 Rakaa’ath instead of 4 Rakaa’ath. And if it is intended to stay in the destination for 15 days or more then it is necessary to perform the complete Namaz and it is not permissible to do Qasr over there. However if it is intended to stay there for less than 15 days then there too Qasr Namaz would be performed.

Allah knows best.